The demon called you

There is a demon named you.

His predessor was uoy.

A guy says to me today, “keep eating, stay here, i don’t want you to die.”

And why would you die if i did not eat mr. you? What about my eating keeps you alive?

Are we connected somehow you? Do you care to explain that little situation at all?

Hey you! Talking to you right now, speak.

If i don’t eat then neither does you.

His predessecor kknows why as well, he saw it all go down and he knows why.

Look at his signs while leaving a drive thru, “thank you.”

These guys are backwards, if who they make doesn’t do it then neither do they.


What are u talking pans…

Are you saying that you’re starving yourself to try to starve a demon too?

This kinda reminds me of the book Corkscrew letters by c.s. Lewis

The predesessor doesnt create the newborn. The new born doesn’t neccesarily wear the horns. Its between two I’s that the conversation persists. Delt in cards of “why” that the evil manifests.

I don’t believe in gods nor demons, but to each his own, I guess.

@pansdisease. Did you find a new place to live or are you still homeless? I’m worried about you.

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Yeah pansdisease,

I’m not really to tell you it is word salad, but it does really sound like it man.
(Not to say I’m perfect or well or you have to be perfect or well) or it’s even a real thing.

But I gotta say ,
It’s not always about ideas and
getting the right or real ideas of things
Right, wrong, real or fake.
You got to get a center.
(Like wake up get a grip, there ideas dude, what are you thinking bro, shake your head bud) !
But none the less just another person in the struggle of schiz, hope you are well and in a good place/living perdicament and are safe bud.

Really feel for ya and hope your good/ love your posts here dude.

I don’t get why they are backwards – though Bowie said that too – nor why we can’t be friends, like pocket monsters and bread-breakers.

I’m usually confused and upset by what you write, @pansdisease. I think this is really clever and made me realize I missed seeing you on here. I hope you’re well.

@pansdisease Go seek shelter.
A safe place to stay.
Can you get on meds
I too am worried.

I hope you are well and in peace.

Do you think they are like a little parasite living of your food?

Hope you have a good place to live and eat and sleep and some stability could do you good.

Good to see you around.

Keep eating yo!

It is healing and can be comforting too and nurturing.

Take care of yourself and hope to keep seeing you around.

Have you got family or friends you can get support from and who you trust?

guys like Pan just bring life to this forum… he be on the frontlines of this war we be in


I didn’t know we were tresspassers, i am sorry maya.

We were all used to desecrate this place.

A 45 billion person human sacrifice.

They didn’t tell us anything at all.

we came from the lines of the li-ved, we say “devils”.

We were all used as tresspassers of desecrations of all kinds.

You know how we all say “the lines are blurred.” The first universes also said this, they were conscious entities of different colors and were all pure energies. They said that very long ago, “the lines are becoming blurred” they said. They were creating from scratch those guys remember, nothing more than solid pure energy color life forms. They began to mix it up to make new things.

You simply couldn’t create anything without mixing colors, because you couldn’t sense it. In a black universe if you don’t have white or anything else you couldn’t see anything you know.

They said it at the beginning of it all. “The lines are becoming blurred.”

Yes, we as humans came from the devils man. They split earlier with others of their families and lineages and simply used us in their revenge against the ones they are fighting with.