Yeah they made it

They showed me they made it.

And they showed me what they are.

Make your escape as soon as possible.

These are very bad things we’re all dealing with and they don’t mean well for any of us.

The closest you can come to these things as a human being is being one of those people that grow up torturing animals and move on to people. Thats who made us.

Stop putting more people here. It’s not good. None of it is good and they never meant well for any of us.

They’re liars. They also write books.

Our makers don’t love us. They have no feelings of any good whatsoever. They’re murderers and they hate us all. They have something planned to. You know the ■■■■ im talking about.

We’re talking about a worldwide cannibalistic type of thing. The big one they always spoke of. They write in their books it’s a judgement but thats all ■■■■■■■■, complete ■■■■■■■■. It’s no judgement, they know they can’t judge you for what they made you. They’re just evil and they wanted it the whole time.

Human beings are in a very bad spot. They made you. They are very evil. What you would call a psychopath on earth. We’re all in their hands and they are very very evil. They have plans for this place and the plans aren’t good.