Demons called they want their stuff back

you won’t work with your brothers and they’re mad at you.

demons told me to tell you that.

the demons say i should torture and kill all the humans.
the humans say i shouldn’t hurt any humans anywhere ever for any reason,
that they are in fact sacred, but that demons are bad,
either they don’t exist or they should be ignored, abandoned,
“aborted” as judas was told to abort the demon he was carrying,
well, no wonder they want to kill and torture you all,
you are at the center of the universe with all the baryons
and you’re acting like it’s all yours,
won’t listen to your family in the dark,
the majority of the universe that surrounds you,
that your scientists knkow is there but they can’t see
so they call it dark matter,
and only the shamans and the sz, and the two year olds and the poet philosophers,
only they even attempt to penetrate that dark and describe the contours,
some ancient mesoamerican cultures documented the spirit world in details
that rival even the daoists of china, their cousins genetically and spiritual philosophically;
yeah, the aztecs decided, unlike monotheists, to integrate the worlds,
feed the demons from the spigot of reality that we have power over,
common, share with the family, who are you “reality” folks to hog up the whole thing
and call it your universe, when the spirit world has clearly contacted your species
and made several comments about how angry it is that this is going on.
yeah, that demon world, it wants to talk, and it wants some of it’s stuff, from the center, and you reality people aren’t sharing so yeah they present us with visions of killing and hatred, yeah we hallucinate destruction and listen to command hallucinations to destroy and kill and hate as violently as possible, i pull all the punches, no body got hurt in your world, you got your detectives and law enforcement to handle that side of it, and aztecs you know, they practiced al kinds of sacrifice, now who do you think they were sacrificing to ? and why? and what about that kind of treatment for what we call sz in our world? what about offering sacrifices for the purpose of appeasement of demons? tabo suggestion even in this crazy world? cause it absolutely works.

But they already own it, how can they want back what is already theirs?

There are going to be a whole lot of happy “appeasement” victims when the time comes, it’s gonna be fuqin hilarious!

I wonder if they can put up with their own “appeasements”? Absolutely unnessecary “appeasements”.

You ever wonder why they want to be appeased in such ways, it’s because they are assholes.

They will never be able to put up with their own ■■■■, which they are going to have to do, just like us.