Demonic Voices

Does anyone else have thoughts in their head that feel like commands given to you mostly by demons for me, but there are others, who are trying to help humanity. Yes I am on some very powerful medications, I’ve tried switching. No, it does not stop the spiritual battle in my head between good and evil. I am not specifically talking about any religion, this is not a religious discussion. This is a serious question, and I am wondering if there is anyone else out there like me that is under constant scrutiny and attack from these “voices” although I would not call them auditory hallucinations because they come more like thoughts/self talk that I have recognized are sometimes not of my own consciousness. I am having trouble functioning right now, especially with everything going on. I believe it is affecting everybody. I am trying to purify myself again, and every time I do, I am met with enormous resistance from these so called “voices”.

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I used to think I was possessed,

The voices I heard were demons that demanded I do things and not do other things.

Constantly told me terrifying things.

Therapy and starting CBT really helped me.

Along with some medication.

Now I hear voices still, but I know they’re not demons.

It took a lot of work to get to that point, but it’s possible.

Are you in therapy or medicated now?

I’ve been on medications. I don’t think I’m possessed, I KNOW it. I believe we all are and most aren’t even aware. We are possessed when we laugh or make fun of people. We are possessed when we say and do hurtful things. It’s interesting to see the world in this manner, to live in this reality. I personally, have taken on the title as a warrior of God, and these demons in my head don’t like it. They attack me constantly. They don’t tell me to hurt people, they instead constantly scrutinize every decision I make, every thought. It is maddening but I am hanging in there. I am a tough soldier.

Medications can’t fix a spiritual battle. The demons constantly toy with my head about even taking them.


There are no demons and you are not a warrior of god or soldier.

You’re delusional.

And it doesn’t feel like you’re really seeking help.

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@Tess_Murlyn i thought i was possessed to but rebuked until it couldnt be. we have evil hearts and evil flesh and sin lives within. you are fighting that and must not let it control you. there are weapons of spiritual warfare! in bib-e. God bless you.

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