how can you tell if your delusional ?

You might think your the queen or Jesus or special in some wAy

It can be tough to tell. Delusions can seem very real, and often are indistinguishable from reality. I have excellent insight and I have trouble sometimes telling the difference. What I usually do is ask someone I trust for a reality check. This can be difficult, especially if you have reason to mistrust those around you, but if you can get someone to tell you whether your thoughts make sense or not, it can help keep you grounded. The thoughts might still be there, but at least you can remind yourself that it’s not real. Good luck, and stay safe!


I’ve believed my delusions. Can’t tell that I’m delusional until meds work.

When I feel the “connection” to a higher being that is a sign for me something is going on. Higher being can be aliens, god, anything.

My technique is to think of my current beliefs as if a random stranger was telling them to me. If my response would be “maaaaybe you should get some help” then I realize it’s a delusion.

It helps to disconnect like that and view the questionable beliefs from an outside perspective.

But my therapist and her supervisor think my level of insight into things is incredibly weird and uncommon…so I don’t know if that will be helpful to you :confused:

If I told a doctor what I thought really, actually to be true he would change my med’s. I think what I am thinking is the truth. Whoever said - “Sometimes the paranoids have real enemies” caused me a lot of anxiety.

Treat it like a court case where you have to present your case to the judge proving it real.
Gather facts, pictures and anything else that will convice the jury (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that your evidence isn’t a product of your mind.

You also might consider that if you question if something might be a delusion…it probably is.


You will notice that something special is going on, but you think its true. My way of dealing with it is twofold: first accept that it is a matter of interpretation, not a matter of truth. Second, choose for the interpretation that allows for the most peace of mind. If the interpretation of the special things going on in my world is disturbing, and doesn’t allow for a resolution with reasonable measures, then I rather opt for the interpretation of these things as result of my disease and delusion. This latter interpretation is usually favorable to me, for in my case, meds have proven to form a reasonable solution to the distressing situation. If on the other hand the interpretation of special things going on is not disturbing or distressing in any way, i might be quite happy to stick to it.

I saw this yesterday. Picture someone strange telling you he has these thoughts and try by reason to rationalise them. If they don’t work for him they are most probably delusions keep safe.

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I tell people around me what I am thinking and they tell me if I’m delusional.

Kind of in the same way you start practicing being able to lucid dream. If you look at a clock and it’s 8:10, you look a second time shortly after and it’s 2:13, than it’s a dream. Similarly if I start thinking numbers are telling me something, than it’s a delusion. That’s just one example though, but in the same type of way you find out if you’re dreaming or not

I wish I was delusional. I wish what I thought wasn’t real.