How do I know that it isn't what it seems

How do I know that reality is that I’m the sane one and everybody else is delusional for not believing what I believe. What if that’s the real reality and that I’m not experiencing delusions and I’m really experiencing the truth. Everybody else can’t handle the truth so there brains come up with delusions and call me the crazy one or the weird one. How do we know that that isn’t what is truly going on.

Law of averages, it is unlikely everyone is delusional.

The Great and All Knowing Mountainman Has Spoken :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been delusional often enough in the past that I know it is probably me that is delusional. I do think there is a ton of lies being fed to me about my situation that are making me crazier.

There is your own reality. It is what you perceive and understand. It is what is real to you, however, we live in a shared reality. This is the realm we live in that says ‘We’. It is only by knowing that we live in a shared consciousness by the equal rights that allow us to test our perceptions.

If I can do it, but they can’t. If we can do it is the test, but I think I can do this or that, can be tested by a universal consciousness. The sense of ‘We’ is how we know we are alive and not living in our own fantasy. If people are real. if life is real then if my fantasies were real then we’d all be able to do it, but WE can’t.

Test yourself by the universal consciousness where we all reside, not just by our imaginations. We are limited whereas the mind and its imagination has no limits. Sure, in our mind there are no limits, but together we, other people can’t do what our individual minds are capable of. This is how we know we exist. This is how we test reality compared to delusions and imagination.

For example, we share the physical limitations of our world. We can’t levitate. We can’t be invisible. We can’t move objects with our minds. If we could then that would be a universal consciousness. I could believe i could and in my mind hallucinate it, but in the word of '‘we’ or universal knowledge would we know it? No!

I live as part of the we and that is how i know i am alive. That is how i know I can test reality. We…

my last delusion was when i had thoughts that my in laws were poisoning me. i tasted the bug spray in food and drinks. i asked my partner if she tasted it too and she said no. that’s how i knew it was just me my partner wouldn’t lie to me

I’ve been trying to talk to other people but it won’t get out of my brain.

I’ve been there, just think of it as probability. what are the chances everyone else is delusion and you are the only one sane?

They are slim but it is possible and with how long the world has been around it’s been bound to happen sometime. Anyways there is always the chance that there are a few other people who realize the truth.

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Long time no ‘talk.’ Hope everything is okay.

How about making an ‘evidence for’ list, and an ‘evidence against’ list?

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I can try it. Am I allowed help for the against part?





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By challenging your beliefs. You believed if you fell asleep people would get hurt right? So start sleeping. Journal every time you fall asleep. You’ll notice nothing happens.

The issue is when we are afraid to challenge our beliefs and stand up to our paranoia. I used to think if I slept facing my mirror my reflection would come out and kill me, and if I heard any sound at all it was my reflection creeping out after me and if I didn’t open my eyes immediately I would be killed. Took one night of forcing myself despite powerful fear for my life of sleeping facing the mirror to realize that was only delusion.


I have been sleeping so that’s a good thing.

I’m not quite sure how to challenge this current delusion though. When I say this delusion I’m referring to the one where I believe I cause bad things to happen to others by just being around them.

For non-material things it doesn’t really matter if it is true or not. If you believe something is true then it has the same effect as if it was true, by which I mean it will upset you the same way.

For the situation you just described this doesn’t help prove or disprove anything, but I do know that its effect on you personally is really felt, and really hurts.

Ok, well here’s some things to think about that.

  1. Keep a journal of every time you interact with someone. Then check in to see if anything has happened. I guarantee you something bad isn’t going to happen to them after EVERY time you’re around them. Furthermore you’ll notice that bad things may happen to them even if you aren’t around at all! This could make your delusion evolve further to be something like “just me thinking about them makes bad things happen!” Don’t let that happen.

  2. Bad things happen to people no matter what. It’s not like you being absent from someone’s life suddenly magically protects them from ever having issues ever again. All this will do is keep you from being there to support them when bad things do happen!

  3. Which leads to you having to realize that this belief stems from your fear for your loved ones’ safety. Bad things have happened to them in the past. You feel helpless over these things. Believing you can prevent these things from happening by staying away from them gives you power over the situation. I guarantee you if you process these feelings of helplessness and accept that we can’t always keep bad things from happening to those we love, but we can support them through these bad things, you will stop having these types of beliefs. This is something you can work on in therapy.

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I think the journal is a good idea. I want to be there for my friends and family so I will keep that in mind and maybe even write it down.

I think that me feeling helpless and that I want to have power over the situation is true. It makes sense. I will talk to my therapist about it and see if we can work on it.

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Majority rules. The majority of people do not take medication and talk to shrinks.