Delusions, questions about them

Has anyone elses delusions left after taking meds? Im starting to think that meds do not take away the delusions, they just keep you calm. Also how long has your delusion lasted?


Eventually yeah some of them fade. They’re always there for me but not as salient. I don’t focus on them. I’m still pretty sharp but maybe it’s just the med cocktail they have me on works for me. Some dulled me when I was still looking for the right combo and some didn’t help with delusions. I like my Aristada injection, I no longer believe faeries or demons are trying to get me. I still believe they exist as other dimensional beings, but they’re no longer after my genitals. Also I catch myself sometimes but mostly don’t believe in telepathy anymore. It might exist but it’s no longer a concern for me. For me it was vital that I occupy my mind with other stuff like hobbies. Idle hands, right?

The meds keep mine in the background.

I’ve been taking meds. I still get delusions on the regular, been through a few meds now

Same with me…

Like what? I’m on an Aristada injection I think equivalent of 20 mg abilify…took a few months and several epiphanies to get to where I am though

I’ve been on zyprexa, rexulti, and Latuda. I got diagnosed 3 years ago and I still get delusions daily like the tv sending me secret messages, cars following me, or people who work for the government following me sending me secret messages everywhere I go.

I think that if you think your delusional your probably not delusional. If you have insight that makes you think that you are having a delusion, are you delusional? Meds can give you insight.

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You can talk to your doctor about delusions
Once hallucination go delusion follow

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