Has anyone's meds resolved bizarre delusions?

I have thoughts about things which I know are not true but I can’t completely shake them off. For example, earlier I had the thought that God was trying to communicate with me in only a way I understand. As a result, I’m thinking about upping my dosage of Invega from 6mg to 9mg. Is medication mainly just for hallucinations or has it helped anyone with similar delusions?

For me it’s been a combination of meds, therapy and time. I still haven’t completely shaken them all. It seems like it’s right below the surface.

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Same here, I had a lot of delusions, but meds haven’t gotten rid of a few of them, but they’re in the background now.

Here’s a poll that kind of deals with meds and delusions

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It got rid of the delusion that I was spied on that cameras were everywhere.

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I had all kinds of delusions. Zyprexa really helped me.

Yeah I had delusions where I was stuck in a time warp, minutes would feel like hours & hours were like days… Seroquel cleared that up for good

Like a massive migraine headache, Tylenol dulls it but it’s there waiting to start pounding again. That’s what the meds feel like for me, it’s a battle because there is a part of me that still has thoughts that I’m being watched but they are not so much in the forefront. The more stressed out I am the more they come a “pounding”.

Dunno. I don’t think some things from a while back anymore. Not sure what was bizarre beliefs and what wasn’t because everyone I know IRL really knows jack ■■■■ about mental illness so I don’t have a reference point.