Delusions of reference

I am an elder with schizophrenia. every time I turn on the tv,it talks to me,so I leave it turned off. the web doesn’t talk to me, and I can often sort out the symptoms I am experiencing much better so I have a computer log. I have schizophrenia like symptoms from a series of head injuries, so called post concussion syndrome. this is unfortunate and quite tragic, but I find most people do not know what schizophrenia is, nor do they care. they have had a different experience and they don’t find it constructive to talk about it. but I had amnesia over 40 years and I also had selective memory and invented memories to sort out. I am still going thru that. I have few friends. and the people in the nursing home here will always keep me medicated. I remain confused, rejected, alone. even my family does not talk about it. I cant even begin to discuss it without long silences. but my doctor talks about it and says I remain a work in progress. there will never be a pill for it, even mental health medicines mostly don’t work because theyre based on organic disease. as far at the media goes I read the newspaper it does not talk to my brain like the tv does. I think the tv has as many mentally ill people as the general population the reason most people are not getting diagnosed with it is because theyre in prison! because they broke some law… ihave a good background and have never driven because I have no depth perception so I don’t even have a traffic ticket I have always been in care for something or other related to it and I find people are not mind reading. I only believe mental health issues I have a deep faith in god and am prolife. he knows what im going thru and my doctor knows.that should be enough

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You’ll fit right in here if you’re looking for friends. The normies will never get it. Gotta accept that.

They’re just too “normie’ish”…yup that’s the word. Can’t call them “normal”. They’re “normie’ish”.

Outta likes again… good post.

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thought i would say hi.
take care :deciduous_tree:

Welcome!!! I get delusions of reference too. On the one hand, they could be delusions of reference, like my pdoc says they are, or, it could really be God Himself talking to me out of the pages of prayer books, hymnals, magazines, journals, novels, the Bible, coffee mugs, T-shirts, karaoke screens, movie screen captions, posters, song lyrics on YouTube, etc…etc… I prefer to think of them as the true voice of God, as, I get a lot of advice, counsel, guidance, direction, chastisement when I have been bad, and consolation and comfort from this being who talks to me personally, at length, and interactively about my deepest thoughts, feelings and behaviors. If I ever detect a “voice” that is insulting, demeaning, threatening, scary, anxiety provoking, hostile, or makes me feel bad or anxious in any way, I know this is not God, but is most likely Satan and I just order him to “get away from me, Satan!”, and he goes away. In order for Satan to listen to your orders, it helps to be living a very pure, chaste, sin free life, like Jesus was living when He gave those orders. And, no, I’m not like Jesus.

This is a great forum. I’ve had the same. I block it out. I talk
it out. I realise when it happens. I try to treat one symptom at a time. I work on self control through brain activities that help me focus and concentrate on what I’m doing. There are times when I can watch movies and which ones I can watch. I have to constantly cooperate with my mind. I pay attention to what I can and cannot do. I’ve had great results. It’s effort.

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Delusions of reference suck.

I have lots of them. I prefer writing references sections of papers.

You are right.

I think that there are possibly millions of people that didn’t deal with their disorder in a safe manner incarcerated right now.

Yep me and my brain have a co-op thing going on.

I’m so sorry for your struggles…it is difficult to not have people understand.

People on this forum are very understanding though! :blush: Delusions of reference are the worst…when I’m in an episode I see everything as a message being sent from Angels or the Devil or God…whether it’s TV, a news article, whatever…it can be jarring.

You’re amazing for dealing with all that you’re dealing with and I hope we can make you feel not so alone!

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**Welcome @bobschiz! **

I have left remarks in response to your needs with all I knew to help these people. they are scattered around the board!