Delusions of grandeur


What were your delusions of grandeur?


Why would the ‘la raina of the casa de mil gatos’ think I have any delusions of grandeur?


To code artificial intelligence in my lonesome as a guru and prodigy… the psychosis really didn’t like that… so it dropped me down to the typical “christ/antichrist” debacle because it was more within it’s understanding.


At one point I thought I was some sort of messiah, but there was also a lot of sci-if, politics, and literary influences thrown in the mix, so it was weirder than just a Christ thing. The worst overall psychosis ever and by far the longest.


Never had them, was paranoid and thought there was a plot against me, but also against millions of other people. I suffered more from loosening of associations. That was the main feature of my psychosis. So I had delusions that everything in the world was connected or had a special symbolic meaning, but I never had a delusion of grandeur. In fact, I believed everyone else was experiencing the same thing I was, or at least many people because that state of mind was contagious. So I never felt unique or empowered. I felt that I was nothing special. Still do.



You are unique, there’s no one the same as you.


In unarmed combat i think i could best 90% of the population… life has yet to disprove this delusion… i dont fight any more but when i was a teen to about mid 20s… i was bested once in hand to hand and once in kendo… i never picked any fights but enjoyed fighting people who train to fight… my % may have dropped some due to meds.


Buddha. ended up 15 miles from home on a dark road.


I am not ready to talk about it. I don’t think I have told anyone about my real psychosis.


I had a lot. Thought I was a member of the royal family for a while. Thought I was god for a bit, Jesus and one of the Roman gods. Thought I had superpowers. The list goes on and on for me. I had some wild episodes in my years past! But I’m pretty normal now and have been for about 3 years. Strangely enough my schizophrenia has just seemed to have gone away.


I thought I was a superstar and I was the princess of Mexico. And that I could get into any big event I wanted. I thought I was Jesus as well, sent to deliver the world.


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