Simply stated, I’m overconfident.

Isn’t that what freedom is?

until one experiences the rude awakening of failure.

Is it failure? Or jealousy?

both. I was jealous of my sister because she didn’t have my head injury. I tried to deny the injury, became overconfident and failed as result.

I’ve known a couple people with OCD. That if everything wasn’t perfect they would get a lot of anxiety. However they also had to have perfect thoughts. So they never had creative thoughts and their personalities where real plane. One of them couldn’t let herself believe she was OCD because then she would not be perfect. Also had a Phd in psychology from Berkley. However I have known lots of other ocd people that didn’t have this problem.

But jealousy can’t be failure. Can it?

interesting…i think youre right! Apathy i think would mirror failure more that jealousy. with jealousy at least there is still a motivation to want something or some feeling or thought etc that isn’t there. Being apathetic…its just pathetic :stuck_out_tongue:

(i feel apathy all the time fyi and am not trying to be insensitive)

It can cause failure because when you’re jealous, you don’t want to be yourself.

to beautiful chordy,
i can be over confidant sometimes, it lasts for about a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes, then i crash.
my confidance is always a delusion.
take care