Delusional alcoholic insanity

PI just found an article describing my sisters condition but it seems its chronic and ends badly.
I don’t know what else to say or do it’s all so messy

Last night I reassured her for an hour or so that she wasn’t going crazy… I would not be on her side in her eyes if I told her she is mad

It’s so often that I’m not this sad about it
My little sister went off the rails at about 12 years old because both siblings were schizophrenic Active delusional in and out of hospital… She found solace in abusive relationship and lots of drugs and alcohol -
excessive drinking for so many years now she’s paranoid she has a very fixed delusion every time she drinks now …
I have had some hope recently because she seems to want to not drink any more
But the article I read was so bleak I could scream

I have 10 years of stability i’m married own home occupation which I love

I feel like the only one in my family Chosen to have an okay life

Our sister died Such a lonely disease

Alcoholic paranoia (is) uncommon alcohol-induced psychotic disorders, which are seen only in chronic alcoholics who have years of severe and heavy drinking

Has she tried AA. They helped me quit drinking. I was almost a hopeless case.

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So far no - she doesn’t want to - she’s been to rehab because our mum and i pressurised her to go a couple of times, but has come away thinking that they have told her she isn’t alcoholic.

That is not the case.

I suggested she get help with stopping smoking - she said “that’s your thing, that’s not my thing”

so i have had psych and docs and therapists more than she has…
but it’s ‘my thing’

She doesn’t see herself as needing help

She had severe trauma as a child and has grown up around making herself be okay when all around her aren’t i.e. both elder sisters psychotic when she was age 12

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Unfortunately, you have to kind of go to AA of your own free will. But there’s no harm in suggesting it. There’s no guarantees. They might not be able to help.

I hope it all turns out ok. Alcoholics and schizophrenics have one thing in common, in that they can both not think that they’re ill when they are.


Thanks everhopeful

Even just the idea to give her a number is a good idea really - some time when she’s sober or recovering from.

The simple things like that can get lost when you really can’t help someone

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I had a dream last night that I read an article that said “Report: Naltrexone very effective for one man” and I said “Hey! It’s effective for me too!” And I emailed the journalist and told them “IT WORKS FOR ME TOO” and then they edited the article and included me as the people it works for.

But seriously, naltrexone has helped me with my alcoholism immensely. Some people don’t report as great as results as it has for me, but hey maybe it can work real well for your sis.

There is no such thing as alcohol induced psychosis or paranoia

Please stop posting false info

After extended time of drinking very heavily very chronically 3% of alcoholics get delusions which are often paranoid

see below / above

I was hospitalized cuz I told my doctor every time I drank I got delusional, paranoid and felt like I was losing my mind. My pdoc involuntarily hospitalized me the next day.

my sister doesn’t co operate with doctors, She will lie, panic, blame everything on me being hysterical. I have tried to get emergency assessments out to her
she has just moved to 2 hrs from where she was near us and if i do call someone out she will be clever and deny it all
you had some trust in your doctor to say that to them.
my sister would not want to be locked up / cause a scene where she is… and would just act sane long enough to get them away - she’s not like me she’s streetwise and is used to this line i’ve tried to get gp or doc or pdoc or emergency team to her it’s not something she’d forgive me for in her new home

I think the time for that would be after she’s lost her job
because this job will not last if she drinks - and she will drink

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Absolutely ridiculous mis information it’s either pot or underlying disorder

Half the nation are drinkers

From these articles and what else I’ve read, it appears the psychosis can go away if she can handle the withdrawal. But with two schizophrenic siblings, the odds are high that she has another psychotic disorder underneath.

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Oh yes, there is! Alcohol withdrawal can cause DTs. Which include psychosis in some cases.