Delusion of telepathic voices

Paranoid schizo_schizoeffective bipolar is my diagnoses.

I’ve asked around 20 professional (nurses,techs,counslors, therapists.,)

They say telepathy isn’t real or I don’t believe in telepathy and they also said they can’t read my mind and or could read there’s. I mean are they wrong? Because I’ve plenty experiences with ppl reading my mind or reading there’s it’s been 2 months with the same b.s I’m beginning to think talking back to the voices is bad idea and them telling me I’m telepathic or they are. Must be thought broadcasting and or thought echo.

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It’s Definetely not real.


Thought Id suddenly become telepathic too, and meds were a poison that were taking away my telepathic abilities. Dont worry, its not real and meds will make it better.


I hear voices that sound telepathic too well really it just sounds like people are talking around me like I can hear the direction they come from but they hear all my thoughts, I know its not real but when its happening its hard to completely believe that


Thanks for the feedback fellas. Insight and intuition seem to keep the delusion away. Meds are helping tremendously! Ability and lithium, followed by anti anxiety medicine claims me down and puts me back into logic and reality.


But sometimes it does feel like they are out to get ever plotting… also my neighbor repeats what I say to myself inside my head … I’m

here’s a trick i use. When a voice enters my head. I listen from the beginning to the endish or lets say close. Then I bring it up again. Whilst listening all the way from the beginning until that end. If you hear it all you can tell yourself it isn’t a normal persons way for making that statement. “and its not”. You’ll be instantly refreshed and you can live with the knocking on your head. Good Luck

I don’t know how to explain you!!! But I am trying. My concept is, generally minds effect each other. If you feeling happiness for telepatheing about cars (for example). Than others understand it about train (by the way). Then its happiness is only transferring. Every body remains in his environment and counter act it.
I am giving you a example. Once I was sitting in desk and waiting for my number to meet my pdoc. Another patients was sitting side of me. I was thinking about road sign board. Suddenly I pressed my mind to think about this board. What I saw that the patient sitting on my side shouted about "board - board ". I feared about it and didn’t understand the matter.

That happens to me alot. I say hurtful names to people in public to get a reaction but no reaction.

I have a “voice” that speaks to me telepathically. Not right now but when I’m having voices she’s there never moving her mouth but always letting me know what’s going on with her.

Ok, @Lovetrip, only understand it and behave in that way. Its only for understanding ourselves. It has not been proven scientifically. And there is not any chance to prove it in near future.

I believe in telepathic voices but only certain people can read my thoughts. The wrong people however. All my thoughts are intrusive.

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I do not have delusions but I had voices. Logic dictates that these voices are telepathic, but I don’t think anyone I see in real life is telepathic. I guess that’s all I’ll say.