Delusion? no, perception

I know that when people refer to their thought as a delusion, its only because that’s what the doctors have planted in our brain to describe our individual perception of reality. I personally have learned recently to not use the word delusion because it can get confusing for the listener or reader. I state them as facts. This is my perception of reality. We all have our own lenses that we perceive the world through.
Delusion is just a word that has unfortunately gotten tacked on to a different wave of thoughts and beliefs and perceptions. Just letters just symbols and a noise given to the otherwise unexplainable or unbelievable unless of course perceptions intertwine as we connect with individuals wearing similar lenses.
We need to take charge of the thoughts and own them. Learn from our hallucinations…as a dream interpretation. I know we sz have a heightened connection between our conscious and subconscious minds. We have the ability to be extremely introspective. I have figured out deeply seeded issues by observing a hallucination or travelling along a train of thought seeing feeling remembering learning, growing.

When things get scary or mean and you feel helpless, your brain is showing you quite FRANK what is the problem as well as how to fix it. It’s there if you’re open to the experience and seek growth. Other ppl get these in dreams and eventually nervous breakdowns etc. Be open and once you confront and tackle hallucinations and flash floods of thought the experience will change.

Lots to sit and let it sink in before you begin to go to battle and win.

My delusions lately have no perception. When I do try to add them up they don’t. I did not beat the pieces out of my sister because she stands before me uninjured. There is no baby on the way because I have not fathered one.

My past beliefs might be different, but at present I learn nothing from my delusions.

“Delusion” though introduces, probably for the first time in somebody’s life, the possibility that what they see and interpret isn’t real. It may be an overused word… but there’s at least that notion. Particularly in the journey to diagnosis. For the first time in that person’s life they have to contend with the notion that something they see and understand isn’t real. The brain’s magic trick…

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With me I will go back to when I was full blown delusional, which was for many years. When I was delusional I was extremely spiritual, belief in God, I was into different religions, tarot, reading others thoughts, predicting the future, talking to spirits. When I was delusional I was into these beliefs. After I got stabilized through psychiatric chemicals. all of these beliefs vanished. But now years later, I from time to time fall back to when I was in this altered state of mind. There is a big part of me that at times does not or cannot dismiss what I experienced completely. They are like semi delusions because I will have immediate insight after the fact. It could very well be perception, but for me its more like confusion of what I experienced then in a delusional state and now, a more lucid view of reality.
Its like being stuck in between - then and now. Kind of like limbo. It happens to me once in a while.


These two days I feel unwell when I try to think about all these. I think I need to stop.

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My sis always tells her exercise class… If it hurts don’t do it. If it hurts to think about these things then it is OK not to think about them.

However… I need to follow my own advice.

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You do. Don’t try too hard. :flushed: