Delsuions are weird

I managed to get rid of them. I beat them
Then :

I found a new one, get rid of one, find a new one. Thats how it works right ?


When we die… Are we stuck in a fuucking torture chamber of how we lived on earth…

Or do we get re incarnated and get a better life for the shiit that weve struggled ?

Does Karma exist? Are we better off in the next life my friend?

Very strange.

I suppose its all relative


We work so hard to beat a delusion…

Then a new fuucking one appears !

Its a never ending shiit show


People are pretty suggestible when it comes to the after life. Even normal people.

I’m an atheist and have delusions about the after life if it’s any consolation.


ya they are. mine are weird for sure.

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Most of my fears and doubts are Tangled Up In My Catholic upbringing.

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Yeah it’s all a weird cycle. I call it the great cosmic lottery. One man’s nightmare is being obsessed with the number two, while another man is convinced that the FBI is stalking him.

I suppose in spite of all the heebie jeebies we experience, the most important question is how do we help each other out?

In spite of my armchair philosophy, I find comfort in some metaphysics.


For me, I’m stuck up on that all this is a simulation. And humans are the lowest form and when we die we go to the next level of those in control and so on until you reach the level of the “gods”.

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Lately I have realized that some people’s delusions are worse than others. I have fairly benign delusions which sometimes help me. I guess I am lucky for someone with sz. Also, I have always taken medication.


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