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I will rent a new house and need furniture… all my current furniture is totally broken.

I can buy:

  • Get the grey couch from my brother and give him something for it, not sure what.
  • A bright green couch + comfi chair + wooden dinner table + wooden chairs (all cheap but clean and whole stuff) for 150 euros
  • A deep blue nice corner couch for 200 euros
  • A cognac leather corner couch for 200 euros.
  • Save money for a new 600 euros new couch that is exactly to my liking

First 4 are second hand. What shall I do? What colours shall I pick? I tend towards the big set - I’m almost done for the living room then for a small price and can always save for more fancy stuff later.

What colours do you have in your house?


I wanted to make a poll…background: my current living room furniture is so old and broken that i am ashamed to receive visitors. But i have little/no budget for new.

  • Small grey couch from brother, give him whatever it is still worth
  • Small green couch, wooden dinner table, chair and dinner chairs for 150
  • Big blue corner couch 200
  • Big cognac leather corner couch 200
  • Save money next year for a couch to my liking 600

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Get the most bang for your buck (colloquialism) and save up for the nice stuff. Also my grandma didn’t have money for furniture when she moved into an assisted living apartment. Salvation Army (charity) gave her most of her furniture free. If you don’t have money for furniture maybe you can qualify for help

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Thanks for the advice! I will indeed decided go for cheap. My brother will take a while before he throws out the couch, so I’m deciding between a 60 euro dark grey couch and the 150 euro set of couch, chairs and table.

I work at the local charity for such things, so I wouldnt dare admit that I need their help. :wink: I do get practical help with moving from church people!

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