Death by smoking

Recently I heard that two people whom I have known in the past have died. One died to lung cancer and one died to throat cancer. Both deaths were caused by their smoking habit. I suppose they went to the Heaven from this evil world. One of these persons was mentally ill.

I’ve been around smokers all my life. In the army, in AA, and now at an assisted living center for the mentally ill. Where I am now I can see how sick smoking has made some people. One guy is my age - 55 - and he sits on the back porch and spits out phlegm. You see a big puddle of phlegm when you walk by. He has to have an oxygen tank with him most of the time. Many of the people here need oxygen tanks. I think the med’s combine with smoking to make people sicker. Listening to people’s smoker’s coughs in the morning isn’t pleasant.

My uncle is dying of lung cancer. I guess he’s not doing well at all and has been given only a few months left to live.