Something I was told by a restaurant manager

That we smoke cigarettes, because all of us are longing for death.

I was 20 at the time, and had just started smoking,
and I told him I don’t long for death,

and he gave me a piercing look, and said nothing.

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lol, that is a pretty creepy thing to say.


I think that smoking cigarettes is a wasteful habit, recently I asked how much a pack of cigarettes cost and they told 7-8 euros, which is expensive. Cigarette prices have just gone up every year, I am glad I stopped this habit years ago, I should have never started it in the first place.

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the state tax on them here in Iowa goes to pay Medicaid.

My mom just was just diagnosed with lung cancer last year at age 60. I went to the doctor at age 43 and they found 3 growths in my lungs. If things get bad enough I think I’ll go into the woods and play with the squirrels for a while then do myself in. In the meantime I’m gonna quit and hope for the best.


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