Dear police officers and people with history of mental illness and developmental delay, don't show fear to each other, and I will explain why

I had profound anxiety and trust issues with police officers who don’t know how to deal with people like me with history of mental health crisis related to Bipolar Disorder. But, no longer fear the police anymore, and let me explain why, and why it can be dangerous.

We shouldn’t show fear, it can turn into voluntary manslaughter. Meaning that you wanted to calm the situation down, but killed each other without meaning to, due to irrational thinking.

We need to educate mentally ill and police this more.

I wanted to say one thing, even illegal drugs can cause Bipolar Disorder, you should still get medical attention and then get punished for doing illegal drugs, but that is when you recovered.

Use of drugs should not be illegal imo.
War on drugs is and has been a colossal waste.

Why do some people get to abuse pills. Not fair.


Now that I think about it, I have similar agreements as you.


Be respectful to the officer(s) and follow directions. Makes it a lot easier.


I spoke about that issue to the DEA and FBI and how their training is to deal with situations where illegal drugs induced Bipolar Disorder on some people.

My question to this is in Quora.

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That exactly what I am going to do without a doubt. Thank you!

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Even legal drugs can cause bipolar disorder.

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Yes, that as well.


I got arrested a number of times back when I drank. Mouthing off cops does not end well, I can tell you that from experience. I’m dumb when sober and dumber when drunk.

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I’m not sure what you mEAn. I’ve been diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type. I tend to think I’m not bipolar or schizophrenic in any way. But I do have a “drug induced psychosis”. No professional has ever said this to me exactly. But I suspect it as true. My therapist diagnosed me with ocd, ptsd, and ddnos. Rather she doesn’t think I’m schizoaffective based upon my story I told her about my life. She also thought I may have had a drug induced psychosis but she couldn’t say for sure. Where to draw the line with drug induced psychosis vs schizophrenia. I dunno I just think I had other issues I was self medicating and it caused a drug induced psychosis. And I’ve mostly recovered from the psychotic thinking. Now im just left with trauma, anxiety and seasonal depression. The co morbids and the inwardness of my younger self caused them to think im schizoaffective. When I recover I see a clearer picture.


I am using drugs, but legally though. I listen to rock songs that makes my manic episode worse. But, then my dad tells me that I really need to stop making that habit and listen to something relaxing and that keeps me calm and able to sleep at night.

That is what DEA and FBI needs to understand, is that there are legal ways to develop cocaine in your brain, by just using your electronics.

I am just afraid to call 911, I don’t want untrained police officer to think that I am taking illegal drugs, even though it is just a profound biological chemical imbalance in my brain.

I have a school psychologist and psychiatrist and teachers to help me with my mental instability. I have history of developmental delay and therapy is part of my IEP goal.

I am sorry, I am just paranoid that not all police officers are trained to handle people like me, and I just stay shut, and suffer silence, and because of war on drugs. Because legal/illegal drugs can also induce Bipolar Disorder on some people as well.

War on drugs made me have PTSD to ask for help because of that.