Deals, Deals, Deals, I love them

I absolutely love finding good deals. I’m not wealthy but I think that even if I was rich I’d still like getting a good deal. I visit a few deal websites and am always on the lookout for a bargain.

Yesterday I shaved $15 off my cell phone bill just by doing some research and digging around. Same plan, just $15 bucks cheaper.

I guess I consider it a hobby. Do you hunt deals as well, or do you just not bother?


Deals are amazing to have, I love them. If I can get it for cheap you better bet I’m going to.
Money isn’t just some object you can throw around.

I dated in the cohabitation without prior contemplation style a woman who was rather on the wealthier side of things and I have to say she was the cheapest most frugal person I have ever known. We were drinking two dollar bottles of wine and ordering off the dollar menu unless I was footing the bill.

So yeah even the filthy rich love to get a good deal…I could be more of a frugal shopper but I’m getting better at spotting a bargain as I get older.

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I look for the best deals when it comes to grocery shopping. And of course I want the best deal if I’m shopping for a DVD player or radio or furniture. But I have also learned the hard way that you get what you pay for. Cheapest is not always the best. The $10.00 Walkman lasted exactly two weeks. The $30.00 DVD player lasted all of 4 months. The medium priced plastic electric razor lasted a year but I hated it’s quality almost every morning when I used it. When I decide to buy a big ticket item now I have an idea of how much I need to spend to get a decent quality.

I get a good deal on the price of cigarettes because they usually sell them 50 cents cheaper a pack at one place I go. Groceries I always buy the “on sale” items as it really helps with my budget,

We drive about 20 minutes to get really cheap cigarettes. If we didn’t my son wouldn’t be able to afford smoking.

I did some research into our telephone, internet & cable packages and I’m saving sometimes $500 a month. With my son we go over our internet usage a lot and packages with less up and download speed actually have an overage cap of $50 whereas the faster packages don’t have a cap. So if I go over by 500 then they charge me 500…

What I noticed about my cable bill was that though the channels I got remained the same the amount being billed did not. It kept creeping up and up and up until I had to call about it every so often and they’d give me some nonsense explanation and then it would go back to the original amount. Until a few months later when we began the process all over again. Wasn’t impressed with that.

Now my cable and internet is included and paid for which is nice as it does cut down on the bills.

I download a lot, watch a lot of Youtube, Skype constantly, and stream to my girlfriend and brother. I got the lowest cost internet service level that has the maximum transfer. I also pre-buy 250GB from the cable company. It’s at a reduced rate if you buy it in advance. In total my data transfer is 650GB a month.

I get 1% milk for $2.69 a gallon at Wal Mart. I drink three gallons of milk a week. That’s why I drink 1%.

I like deal hunting. I like the feeling of making a dollar stretch… now that I’m learning how to manage my money better.

Then there is my sis… Value Village customer card, coupon clipper and has a points card for almost every where we shop… plus she will unashamedly flirt for cheese and berries.

My parents buy stuff. If I want something, like food, I ask them for it. I use the pirate bay for entertainment. I dont pay for porn, TV shows, movies, ect. They’re all for free somewhere on the web. I buy store brand nicarette, its a lot cheaper, and I used to go to this one gas station that always had my smokes on sale for some reason. They always had 75 cents off a pack, and I bought ten packs every ten days.

Who is your ISP? Comcast? I have Cox Communications, and I downloaded 700 GB in one month and they never batted an eye. I have the Preferred (middle-tier) speed, and it costs me about $60/month with no data cap/throttling.

When I go shopping, I buy the cheapest brand of cornflakes amongst other stuff, and just today I bought a tin of Milo that was a few SA Rands cheaper than the usual tin and with 50g free Milo in it, so it was a real bargain. I like bargains when I can find them. Sometimes the local flea market has some nice bargains and the secondhand shop or library has some old books going nice and cheap.

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I have a smaller cable company. Their basic service level, without tv or phone, gives 15/3 with only 200GB transfer. They charge $10 per 50GB you go over. If you go over by 1MB, you get charged for the 50GB and it doesn’t roll over.

I saw Verizon was selling 25/25 for $30 a month. Man, I’d kill for that. I pay out the wazoo for what I’ve got.

I hate them.