Bought some things

I don’t really need to say I’m not rich. But just in case, there it is…
But I am so excited.Today my new 10 inch skillet and my 8 inch frying pan arrived from Kohls. I carefully shopped for them online a couple days ago. $50.00. Tomorrow my six piece new Egyptian cotton towel set should arrive. $60.00 on My whole life I always had the cheapest towels, like the ones you get at Sears(or Kohls). But when I moved in here my sister bought me two nice towels from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and they were the softest towels I think I’ve ever felt. But one ripped and one got worn down. So I’m spoiled now and I bought these new towels. I read the customers reviews on and 90% of the people who bought these towels gave them 5 out of 5 stars. I can’t wait to get them. Two big investments for me.


Good for you 77nick77! It’s good to splurge on yourself every once in a while. They were definitely things you needed. Nothing frivolous. I’m glad you were able to get those things for yourself.

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Happy for you, 77nick77. Buying things on internet is fun especially when it doesn’t cost you much. I bought my Moccona coffees on amazon this year. They are good quality.

I bought two towels on Amazon. I decided to get some really nice ones + take good care of them - not soak up spills on the floor, etc. I still feel some guilt of extravagance.

i know i love a bargain too im always snooping on ebay i like TEFAL frying pans theyre quite expensive but you can cook anything in it i bought a mircrowfibre pillow because every night for about 2 years i would go to bed think this pillow is shite and then forget again till the next night repeat LOL

Yeah, it’s funny how we can put up with stuff like that for so long. I had an electric shaver (admittedly, a luxury) that I never liked but I used it for about a year even though I had enough money to buy a new one. It was built cheaply and didn’t give me a very good shave. In fact it scraped my skin often and left it red!! And it was hard to clean. I finally bought a new one a few months ago. A nice one. And easy to clean. But it’s funny how long I went every day not liking that one razor.

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I just recently bought a rather large supply of supplements. Those are my splurge items.

I bought B12, vitamin D, Valerian, Skin Hair and Nails. All were buy one get one free at the store on ebay. I also bought some Rogaine and Bosley hair products (my hair is thinning recently :frowning:

I also bought a new pocket knife for protection when I’m taking walks around the neighborhood. It is BAD ASS! Its a tactical force knife with a spring opened double edge and also a serrated blade. I feel much safer now.

I love a good bargain. And I LOVE ebay. I buy everything I can there. Hygiene products, household items, supplements. Always a good deal!

I’m glad you were able to splurge on yourself. You deserve it for working so hard!



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@77nick77- Glad you finally found a razor that doesn’t hurt your face. A bad razor makes a not so fun task that much worse.

We get so much second hand stuff that I haven’t bought anything for the house in a long time. I guess for now… my sis splurged out on the new shower head…

I splurged out on some light reading and a new copy of the Sibley bird guide.


nothing beats soft towels…especialy on a heated towel rack…even we ’ sith ’ appreciate the small comforts in life.
take care


I bought myself a nice lantern just in case the lights go out. :black_large_square: :flashlight:

Congratulations on your towels. :shower: :bathtub:


Thanks BakedBeans. Did you travel back in time to the1800’s to buy your lantern? And some licorice at a penny apiece? And a churn for butter? I’m hip. I have a flashlight in my closet and another one in my glove box in my car. I haven’t seen a lantern since I went camping twenty years ago, lol.

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i’d love to own a lantern :slight_smile: they are so retro and i love all that stuff, is it an oil one?

77nick77 i bought towels last year for my new house and they are the softess i have found and also cheaper than the last ones i got, i tried to get good towels before but they always ended up going hard in the wash and rough but these ones i got last year are great :slight_smile: i hope your towels are nice :thumbsup:

Thanks Daydreamer. I read that they become rough if you use too much soap detergent when you wash the. Use less laundry soap and they will stay soft for longer

That’s a great tip! I’ve had the same problem with towels.




Home & Garden
How to Keep Towels Soft When Washing Them

How to Keep Towels Soft When Washing Them
By Jaimie Zinski, eHow Contributor

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How to Keep Towels Soft When Washing Them thumbnail Wash towels with baking soda and white vinegar to both soften the pieces and remove unwanted odors.

A new, fluffy towel is a luxury that many people look forward to after a nice hot bath. Unfortunately, after time and several washings, even the most expensive towels can become hard, crusty and uncomfortable. The first place to start making towels soft again is in the washing machine. Properly washing towels will ensure they are soft and ready to use after ever shower and bath.
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How to Get Soft Towels Using a Front-loader Washing Machine
Is There a Way to Soften Hard Towels?

Things You’ll Need

Liquid laundry detergent
Fabric softener
1/2 cup baking soda

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    Place like-colored towels into the washing machine. Avoid mixing towels and other pieces of clothing, which could cause the colors of the towels to bleed onto the garments.

    Turn the machine onto the warm temperature and a delicate cycle. Place one capful of liquid detergent and one capful of liquid fabric softener into the machine. You may need to wait to place the fabric softener into the machine during the correct cycle for any older washing machine models.

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        Dishwasher Detergent with Powerful Hydrogen Peroxide Action. Try Now!

    Pour 1/2 cup baking soda into the machine. This will help soften the towels and remove any odors at the same time.

    Turn the machine on and allow it run until the final rinse cycle.

    Open the lid of the machine and pour in one cup of white vinegar, which will help soften the materials.

    Close the lid and allow the machine to finish its final cycles. Remove the towels. The towels can either be tumbled dried for added softness or hung out to dry in the sun. Shake out the towels after removing them from the line and before folding to remove some of the stiffness caused by air drying.

Read more :


Actually it’s a hip LED light lantern. Oil lanterns are so 1800’s. :flashlight:


i’d like an oil one lol, i like things like that haha as long as it smelled ok, i think my mum had one growing up but it never worked.

hey Nick, so glad you like your pans and your to be arrived towels…makes me really think I can save up some money and buy some much needed pans myself if I could only stop smoking…trying again Monday…not trying, let me rephrase that…stopping smoking Monday !! I am so happy for you !!

My new toy…

Really REALLY hoping things will slow down at some point and I’ll get a chance to use it. This is a goodie for my podcasting suite.

We could also use some new towels. And a frying pan. :wink: