This has become too real


I feel a bit depressed and afraid. This sz thing has become too real somehow. I have told my pdoc I hear voices. If it is not temporal lobe epilepsy, that she wants to rule out, the only thing left is sz. I know I have schizophreniform (in 2010) but I was hoping it would go over and I’d be normal again. This scares me. I don’t like hearing voices and having unreal feelings.

I want to be normal!!!


I’ve been living with a thought that I will be fine again. That this is temporary. But now I don’t know anymore. I’ve lost control over my brain.


It isn’t hopeless. With treatment and compliance you can live a good life. Don’t despair.


It’s scary and I too hate the feeling of sinking back down into the confusion and fog. But you had control once, you can get again. Don’t be hard on yourself. You might have to dial back the activities you do for others for a bit.

I’m glad your getting help and talking to your doctor and fighting this.

I’m rooting for you. You are a strong person and you’ll make it through.


Thank you guys. I’ll take one day at a time. Not think ahead of things. I will think this day is good. I have a family and I have a job. That is good.


Look in a mirror and say “I love and accept myself.” This can be very hard to do, but it’s a very good exercise for getting control of your brain.


What is normal? F*ck being normal! :slight_smile: Accept yourself for who you are! :slight_smile:


i hope you are feeling better today, best thing is to take one day at a time and fill every day with as much joy as possible.
take care


When I first saw my psychiatrist put on my evaluation form “schizoaffective disorder” I cried and looked it up on the internet. When I was given the label of chronic paranoid schizophrenia, I realized that it’s just a label. Psychiatrists have to give you a label to be reimbursed by the insurance company. You’re much more than that label.


having a mental illness isn’t the worst thing that can happen to u and if u find a med that works ur quality of life will vastly improve. i haven’t yet found a med that works but then i’ve only tried 5. just started on my 6th today. no change yet unfortunately but u could get lucky like mortimermouse did. good luck xxx