Dead grandmother

During psychosis they grabbed my mind and i began to think that my dead grandmother was there.

I was playing a video game and she was using it to communicate, like she became the car and was doing things as it.

This was only them though, they can paint things in our perceptions, put things in our minds, could be anything at all that they put in a person’s head, this was one of the things they put in mine at the time.

It was uncomfortable and i hated it entirely, the thought of my dead grandmother there communicating through a video game was creepy as hell to me.

They can do that though, put things in our heads, at one point i thought my brother had put part of me in a pipe and was going to use it to control me in foul ways, it was just them though painting that information on my mental canvas.

Think of all the things they can do to all of you, even normal people. If they can make my mind think these things are happening what else can they do? They could make you think you love someone, they could make you attack someone, just about anything that we are capable of percieving can be placed in your heads by someone else, our minds can be controlled just like the computers we are on now.

They made one guy think that all of london was underwater, i have had the same experiences but i know why they happen sometimes, sometimes it isn’t the brain screwing up at all, sometimes the brain is being tinkered with by whoever.

Happens everyday, even to normal folk, watch out normal people, sometimes those aren’t your thoughts you are thinking.

I understand. When I was ill I thought my grandfather was John Gacey. Horrid memories while delusional…I don’t think about that anymore, but this reminded me of the memory and I will immediately change my thoughts after I type this…yes, our minds are lied to…it is so tragic really, that our beliefs aren’t anything but lies our minds feed us…

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Me no thinks thats an accident what you thought.

It’s always the most ■■■■■■ up ■■■■ you can imagine.

@pansdisease I don’t know if this will be helpful, but you should give it a try. Imagine a child ignoring someone and there giving them no attention, the other one is making weird faces at him but he still gives him no attention. When the voice speaks understand that everything the voice says is a lie, and do not give it the time of day. Look at the voice as a defeated enemy.