Daydreaming about the afterlife is a nasty trap

It must surely do subconscious damage to your will to live.

I find myself daydreaming about a better life when I’m dead. Basically the old “things will be better when you’re dead” chestnut.

There’s no way this can be healthy but I find myself doing it more and more and it’s concerning me.

Any advice on how to quit this bad habit ?


Some things in life we can control, and some things in life we can’t control. Death is one of those things we can’t control.

I would focus on the things you can control, and try to live in the present. Sounds like you’re in a rut (same thing different day). Try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Try to be among people. Don’t isolate. It can cause anxiety, but you’ll feel better after you do it.


When I blogged one of my entries was that There MAY be an afterlife.

Because everything we see existing, is batting 1 for 1 when it comes to existing. (Baseball reference ie batting 1000.

It helps me. Other than that I am with you. They say happy people don’t ask the big questions.

They are just “fat, dumb, and happy” to borrow a phrase.

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I recognize this.
I would say disrupt this somehow.
I comenon here and practice not talking about these type of thoughts and thinking about safe things.

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Sometimes when I leave the TV on while dreaming I dream about what their talking about on the TV. There are no consequences in the dream world. There are consequences living in reality. Try to stay grounded and do little things for yourself that make you have a good day. Dreams are just what we do in between reality. Have a good day.


When you catch yourself doing it just try and think about other things. Don’t indulge it is what I’m saying. you can think about it for a sec but don’t sit there and daydream on it. It’ll get easier to not give in in time. I watch a lot of nde accounts on YouTube. I’ve been doing it less lately cause I’m burnt out and maybe it’s not super healthy. I recently got into a new topic so that helps.

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Everything is not an illness. Daydreaming is normal. It’s only when it affects ones ability to do activities of daily living on a long term basis. Take this article with a grain of salt. Have a good day


Yeah, just tell yourself there’s a chance things will be worse.

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Things could be better or worse who knows

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For me, daily meditation for 1 hour for the past 1 year helped.

Also not sitting for more than 20 minutes at a time helped.

Also not lying in bed for other than sleeping and napping helped. Also not lying in bed for more than 5 minutes helped.

I noticed that for me, I used to maladaptive daydream only after 15 minutes of sitting in chair and after 5 minutes of lying in bed in daytime when I was lying in bed for reasons other than napping.

I think I have not maladaptive daydreamed for more than a few minutes in the past 2 or 3 months.

Even nowadays, I start maladative daydream for a few seconds when I sit for more than 15 minutes and lie in bed for more than 5 minutes in daytime. So I stand up or walk for 1 minute once every 20 minutes.


I used to sit in a chair and rock back and forth and day dream for hours on end, it got real bad during my teen years. I find I still daydream alittle when Im quiet. Im in my mid 50’s now and I barely daydream now.

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I’m thinking what are the reasons you’re saying this is unhealthy? What is it stopping you from doing now or enjoying now? Is it interfering with your focus now? I also have been trying and focusing on not comparing my life to others in anyway as much as I can. This helps me focus on myself more. It also helps me save some mental energy because thinking about somebody else is just taking up my mental energy.

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From day one we are conditioned and implanted with other people’s ideas and images.

We soak them up and they lie in our subcosncious and then we build on them some more.

Nothing we think about is original. All thought is as a result of our conditioning, therefore when we think about the ‘afterlife’ all we are doing is ‘self’- projecting what others have told us to believe, whatever that may be.

So when we think we come up with an image of the afterlife, all it is is the viision of someone else’s idea.

We can embellish it and make it personal to ourselves, but still even these embelllishments are as a result of our conditioning.

To ‘believe’ is to base our conditioned thoughts without any emperical evidence and treat it as truth. It is not the truth but rather the conditioned self projections we choose to believe in.

It is better to live in truth and reality. If there is an afterlife, what does it matter?

You are alive now. This is all you will ever know. Now is what is important; not the past or our imagined futures which is another self projection.

To escape your present by imagining other worlds is common to those suffering in the here and now.

If you stay in the here and now and improve your own life, in such that you don’t need to escape it and fall into deep self projections of how you want it to be or wish it to be then that is the answer.

If you can’t do that, let’s hope you don’t freewheel into psychosis living in fantasies and self projections which are ‘beliefs’ and not true in the slightest.


I daydream all day kind of. Just little snippets here and there. It used to be worse and was like maladaptive daydreaming. But I always got my tasks done, so it was just a bad habit.

Daydreaming can be a form of escapism.

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When I was a little kid I would daydream heavily about being in my favorite video games or tv shows. It could of triggered my mental illness how heavy I daydreamed maybe.

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Plato’s forms playa, where do the original ideas come from, playa?

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oh I love thinking about Heaven…I can’t wait…ha

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