Day 4 cold turkey off cigarettes

It’s nearly 9 pm here, and I have absolutely no intention on going for cigarettes or even just a cigar, and I will not use any nicotine gum either, so I am calling Day 4 a success.

It’s quite a battle, but I’m surviving it. Honestly, I’m doing better than I thought I would be.

Here’s hoping Day 5 turns out to be a success as well! One day at a time, freakonaleash, one day at a time …


Well done you! I very hard thing to do and here’s to your continual success! It’s an evil drug that ole nicotine and you’ll be so much better for it!


wow, I went cold turkey from cigs and I’m on day 7…you never stop wanting a cig but by day four a cig would taste really bad so just tell yourself you are better off…good for you buddy !!


Congratulations on another day! Keep us updated.

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Hey @freakonaleash , it’s day 7 for me. One of my many quit attempts but I intend to stay off for good. Best of luck to you mate ! Coffee helps quite a bit.


I quit before, in 2001, and I remember it got a lot easier right around the two week mark. So, for me, @jukebox and @DNA, hopefully things will get easier for us very soon. When i quit in 2001, it was cold turkey and I stayed a nonsmoker for 3 1/2 years, stupid mistake starting up again.


Congratulations. I quit the end of February. If I can do it you can do it too.


@freakonaleash, @DNA, and @jukebox. I’m proud of you.


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