David icke and meds

so ive been watching some david icke documentarys and i wondered do you think theres substances in medication that would affect us beings reaching higher consicousness?

The guy sounds like a nutjob. I wouldn’t put any stock in what he has to say.

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yeh i guess he is abit messed in the head, and some of the stuff he says seem to make sense, although i dont believe in that reptilian crap

A stopped clock is right twice a day as the saying goes.

Dude needs meds. Badly.


Icke Is a wack job

He rambles on too much about lizard men. :snake:

While he is obsessed with Reptilians, the Illuminati, and all that, he does at times have valid points.
Many medications as well as street drugs can and do block people from attaining a higher level of consciousness. As I have said before, it can block the doors of perception into the spirit realm and other dimensional access.
I would personally look at better sources than Icke however.

what other sources are available?

We know Alpha and theta brain waves are involved in spiritual perception

Paranormal: There is some indication that suggests theta may be linked to paranormal experiences. When individuals are in a dream-like state, they may have “psychic” experiences, OOBE’s (out of body experiences), astral projections, or experience what is referred to as “lucid dreaming.” In the theta range, people experience dream-like functioning and it may contribute to reports of various paranormal reports.

"Alpha waves (8-12 Hz), when recorded with eyes closed, are an indicator of relaxed wakefulness and meditative states. Excessive alpha activity on the left side of the brain may indicate depression. Treatment focuses on reducing left frontal alpha wave activity while increasing left frontal beta wave activity.

Theta waves (4-7 Hz) are associated with light, healthy sleep. Although the normal adult produces no theta rhythm while awake, these frequencies are important in infancy, childhood, and young adults, and they indicate pleasure. Children with concentration problems often have excessive theta activity in the front of their brains. They appear awake in class, trying to concentrate, but their brain is literally half-asleep. Neurofeedback corrects this by teaching the child how to reduce theta waves. "

Depending on the drug, some drugs given for psychiatric disorders can decrease Alpha and theta waves

"While neuroleptic compounds produce an increase of slow and decrease of fast activities, anxiolytic substances induce an augmentation of fast waves, decrease of alpha waves and–according to the sedative properties of the drug–an increase or decrease of slow waves. Antidepressants produce a concomitant augmentation of slow and fast activities as well as an attenuation of alpha waves

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interesting…thanks for that :slight_smile:

i don’t know a lot about david icke other than he used to be on the bbc news team…then he suddenly announced to the world that he was the son of god and that was it, journalistic career over. he seems to have done well for himself though. i should check out his site and maybe read a few of his books…not quite sure about the royal family being reptilian aliens though lol…it’s all a bit “V” to me. but i’ll have a read anyway.

The royal bloodline has absolutely nothing to do with reptilians or even Lucifer. the only non human bloodline that gets blamed for that is the Anunnaki bloodline from the Watchers.

1 - The Watchers were angels who were sent to earth by God, they were not of the rebel faction that followed Satan when he was cast out.

2 - The Watchers are not reptiles. Some of the ancient Sumerians often wore scaly armor and could appear as lizard men, this is where people err and think they were reptilians but in truth the only thing reptoid about them was their armor.

i had no idea he had done that to himself :o

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yeh ive heard about the annunaki and the angels that were on earth its all facinating

yeah he even did an interview on primetime tv stating that he was the son of god, the chosen one. needless to say he was a laughing stock. so he was sacked or resigned from television and wrote books on conspiracy theories instead. you know he even packed out wembley stadium for one night. he’s very successful. a complete fruitloop but successful nonetheless.

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In short, yes. Though being sz I’m also spiritually in tune enough to know when I’m affected by something and how. This is another reason why I’m not on meds. It was like a coke going flat then left out in the sun… Ultra flat. Or like a ball of energy being suppressed wayy too much. Not just dopamine feels…

no way!, hes odd but i never thought hed say he was son of god that just mental, yeh he talks about his expeirence hes had on awoska, and that he had a phycoactive expeirence and heard a voice saying things about our reality, you think that could just be him thinking that but just never knew it ? o.O

or do you think he connected to another realm and heard it

i think he’s probably schiz but doesn’t know it and is high functioning. hence the obsession with conspiracy theories.

what age did you become intune?