Daughters Going on Birth Control Pill

Oh man, I remember driving them home from the Hospital the day after they were born like it was yesterday!

But I suppose 15 is the new 18 in some ways…today’s youth mature faster than back in the day.

I’m not thrilled, but my girls have a good sense of right and wrong and good heads on their shoulders. Better safe than sorry I gather.



I went on the pill around that age. It did wonders for controlling my PMS symptoms and I still didnt choose to have sex until 25.


Good for you! :sunny:

My girls don’t actually have boyfriends at the moment. It’s more of a preemptive strike should those relationships arise.

I’m kinda hoping they both gain a bit of weight on the pill, as they are both thin girls.

I think this is a very responsible parenting decision. And if they dont like the pill, there are different brands, there is the implant, shots, minipill, IUD, etc. They have plenty of options and you are showing them you trust them to make responsible decisions on their own. Very important for teenagers.

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Lovely sentiments! :sunny:

I’ve always trusted my girls and given them a long leash. They love that about me. I’ve never micromanaged their affairs…but told them the door to my office is always open if they need to talk about anything…to not be shy. After all, I was a teenager once as well.


Thats how I am with Starlet. I told him I will trust him to make decisions and I only ask that he talks with me about things. And he does. He shares a lot of his thoughts and feelings and worries. I think it is more important for a kid to know they can talk openly about concerns than it is for them to never make mistakes.


My kinda funny quote/ advice I’ve always given my girls?

“You might have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince”

I related this at my sisters house one day, and my 20 year old niece said…

“Oh, Uncle Pat! Did you ever nail that one!!”



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I found the specific part for you

Well just to show the other side. im not against birth control or that stuff. But kissing a prince is different from KISSING the prince. You can get to know people really well through kissing, without actually KISSING. I don’t want girls thinking that they need to show the goods all the time, to be liked by a guy or dip a toe into the dating world. you know it’s a tricky part of being a parent to teenagers. kudos to you for being a good dad. I believe there aren’t enough of those in our world today.

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It is better safe than sorry
I agree
But too late for that advice

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