I really want daughters when I grow up

I would a good Dad , plus my prognosis is very positive. I’m still a teenager but I believe fatherhood would be a success. I took care of two young girls when I was 16 and fell in love with them. When they yelled “David! David!” I felt wanted lol. PLus I’m a kid at heart


I lurve being a Dad to twin girls…

Spoiling them with treats…bike rides to the park in the sunshine…tucking them in at night…etc. Lots of smooshy hugs and kisses. Music, reading, games and laughter!

Best move I ever made!


Your daughters in the last picture you posted look adorable.

The one on the left seemed extroverted and the one on the right seemed introverted, is that the case? Just wondering. They both look smart and happy.

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They’re both kinda shy…

I call them ‘street angels and house devils’.

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I think you would make a great dad. When they started dating, you could tell their boyfriends, “I can kill you and get away with it on the insanity plea.” That is what I plan on telling anyone who tries to date my future kids.

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Well if there’s ever a meetup I wanna hear all about your experience as a father.

When my sister was 11-12 she was begging my parents to wear Abercrombie and was dating fake “boyfriends”. Glad that phase ended. :smile:

@cj9556 Haha hey that’s a good idea.

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I want kids too. We deserve to be as happy as Patrick :smile:


The only part of having kids that scares me is pregnancy. I don’t want to be off meds for at least a year, but my doctor says she thinks I can do it.

All I have to do in terms of getting my wife pregnant is very short and enjoyable. But I won’t like seeing my wife so stressed out.

yeah, we definitely got the short end of the stick, reproductively speaking. But no, I’m sure it will be just a magical experience and rainbows will flow from my boobs and I’ll fart glitter the whole time.

Seriously, the way some women talk about pregnancy, I just don’t get it. It’s like they’re all part of some secret society, and the first rule of pregnancy is, “Don’t talk about the downsides.”


Yep, that’s my fear too. That and if any of my kids ends up developing sz.

My mom pushes me hard to have kids cuz my sister doesn’t want them I tell her lemme find a girlfriend first ma…

I don’t want to grow up

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Then well talk 1515

I am operating under the assumption that all my kids will have sz. Two out of three of my siblings have psychotic symptoms. They have never been diagnosed because they’re afraid of “being in the system.” Seriously, if anyone ever uses that as an excuse to not seek treatment, they should automatically qualify for a diagnosis.

I am just going to really promote recognizing the difference between real and imaginary at a young age, and they will all have therapists by the time they turn twelve. Just as a precaution, and so they don’t feel any negative stigma over going to a therapist when they actually need it.

This leaves me torn about how to handle Santa Claus, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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I have 4 brothers with autism. I would feel so bad if I had a kid that wound up with autism AND schizophrenia.

Would be one ■■■■■■ up kid

Gave you the like for this. Happens so much around me. Everyone is super paranoid.

Anyway, I get it. I’m the only one with sz in the family, my father was probably bipolar, nobody is really sure of that. So the risk is not so big, I think. I wouldn’t mind adopting a child also.

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I worked with a few kids who had Austin and schizophrenia together. They had a really hard time, and all of them are now residential. They were still really sweet kids though. They just had massive behavioral problems.

One of them is still my favorite kid of all time. I go to visit him sometimes still. He gets really excited when he sees me, and it warms my heart.

And I wouldn’t mind adopting, but Mr. CJ really wants biological kids, so we’re going to see how I do med free for a few months before trying. I really want biological kids too, when I’m totally honest with myself.

I would take either boys or girls. Both sexes have their appeal. Unfortunately, it is looking like I’m not going to get to raise kids. I’m 56, and I haven’t had any yet. Oh well, that will save me a lot of worry. If I had kids I would worry about them constantly.

Well I was told I have aspergers and schizophrenia at one point. I’m pretty ■■■■■■ up.