Dating apps

have you ever had luck with dating apps? i joined a few last night and havent been on a date from a dating app since 2010 and that was the only one i have been on. back then i had my own ride and now i dont so i think that will make it more difficult for me to meet someone unless they dont care.

I had no luck and tried a few times but you don’t know unless you try. Some guys I know have had luck on there. At least you know everyone you contact is looking. In a bar probably less than half are single or lower.

Where I live the free dating apps are a joke, and match/etc. are REALLY expensive

I joined tinder semi anonymously (if that makes sense my photo is a cowboy) and chatting has been okay so far, past attempts have been uncomfortable since it had my real fb info on there. It just made people be overfamiliar with me and yeahhh i rather the cowboy since 1 it’s a conversation starter 2 no hard feelings if im rejected. Whats difficult is dodging people who wanna know more too quickly. After i try to explain this i dont know the point of why im doing this, but i get a giggle out of it since most profiles on tinder are fake/misleading anyway

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