Damn bronchitis almost cost me my fun time with friends!

As of nine am this morning I am on antibiotics for bronchitis…my friends thought I might have covid…I am too careful to get covid I told them…I almost never go out and always wear a hospital issue mask. anyways, the bluegrass show will go on tomorrow at six pm and then we are coming back to my place to party…no drinking for me dangit…I am just glad I will see Matt…and Paul…


Get better jukebox!:slightly_smiling_face:

Wishing you well.:two_hearts:

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You’re allowed to mix with others while still symptomatic with bronchitis?!? Going out with a cough where I live makes me subject to a fine that starts at $1,000 and tops out at $100,000.

Failure to observe mandatory isolation under a public health order is punishable by law.


You never know.
I would get tested if I were you @jukebox

Also in my State you have to quarantine if your displaying symptoms.

I don’t think you should show up until you get tested and are clear.


I am sorry Jukebox. I know how much you were looking forward to your concert. But going onstage with a respiratory illness in the middle of a global pandemic is reckless, dangerous, and inconsiderate. You could kill someone. Covid tests can give false negatives. That happened to my therapist. She tested negative, and then almost died because she actually had it. You need to think about safety right now, and not your own fun.


my doctor ruled out covid…I have bronchitis…sorry you have to attack me when all I want to do is play…

and that’s why I don’t like any of you too…see ya…

Dude. I like you tons. But you are making a terrible decision. We all love you enough to want to see you not make such a terrible decision and stay safe. If one of your friends or your family members gets sick from being around you, they could actually die and you would never be able to live with the guilt.

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listen people…I KNOW I don’t have covid…I only go to grocery stores with a medical mask and there is NO WAY I have covid…I get bronchitis every year and it was because I smoked cigarettes…leave me alone …I swear…the whole world thinks I’m being selfish or something? so be it…I haven’t got to see these two friends for almost six years longer with one of them and I am not going to do what you say…screw it.

Only you can make your choices. But if you end up spreading your illness to others it will be on your conscience. I’m just trying to help save you some heartache. Why can’t your friends get together in a week or so when you’re feeling better? If it is bronchitis, it should resolve by then. If it isn’t, you’ll know more then too.

we’ve been planning on this thursday for about three months…they are getting out of work to come spend the night…I am practicing social distancing with them while they are in my home and believe it or not folks…no one will be wearing a mask at the show…Oklahoma small town is big on anti covid fear.

This is unfortunate.
So sad…

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There is no way to know if you have or don’t have covid without a covid test.

I’m actually appalled. You can get upset all you want, but you’re being extremely reckless.


I know how much it sucks to miss out on fun because of Covid. We were supposed to take Starlet on a big birthday trip this year. It never happened, and he was heartbroken. But we had to do the right thing for everyone and stay home to keep ourselves and the people around us safe and healthy. He didn’t like being pulled from school with no warning. He hasn’t seen some of his best friends since March. But he understands that it has to be this way because that is the reality of the world. You understand this too, deep down. I know how badly you want to see your friends. But you’ll have to plan another event where you all get together when everyone is healthy. It only took 3 months to plan this. So if you start planning now, it could be another 3 months. That’s not far away at all.


Sorry to hear Juke. You should share a video in the talent show thread. I always like seeing folks talents.

Even if your doc has ruled it out, you can still transmit bronchitis to others. That means they have to isolate until they’re tested once they develop a cough, which is a primary COVID symptom. If a kid gets your bronchitis, it could result in their entire class being sent home until they’re tested and COVID is ruled out. If the kids are sent home from school then perhaps their parents have to stay home and lose income because of it. This goes well beyond you man.


Mrs. Squirrel and I were going to go to Vegas for our 20th anniversary and renew our vows with Fake Elvis in a drive-thru chapel. Not only did that not happen, Westjet (airline) kept my airfare as an operating loan and is happy to offer me another flight I can’t use. I’ve retained a lawyer on principle just to @#$% them back at this point.

I hate 2020.

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There’s really no rush.

You and your friends can all eat beans and fart in each other’s face and play lousy music, AFTER Covid-19 is over.

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I think you have to be on antibiotics 3 days consecutively before it’s not contagious. Even if it’s not Covid you could give someone bronchitis.


Did you get a test for covid to rule it out though?