Just got tickets for a Pet Shop Boys concert, and no, im not psychotic or suicidal

My ex girlfriend got two tickets for Pet Shop Boys this summer (If Covid allows it).
And honestly - im actually looking very much forward to the concert.

We all have our weak sides, our vulnerabilities and one of mine is Pet Shop Boys.


I want to get a ticket for a concert in September but i’m not sure if things get locked down again, i think i will not cope if there is a 3rd lockdown esp if everyone is vaccinated :frowning: really want to go to this concert though

like idk how she’ll be able to come over without isolating, thee are strict rules on travel atm :frowning: if she did do it and had to isolate for a long time i would love her even more :frowning: idk how she’d do that

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Oh yes, lets hope that goddamn Covid will allow us some fun … There is hope @mrhappy - they say that the amount of vaccines are dramatically increasing.

In my country we will have a Corona passport in may which would allow people to go to concert if they are either vaccinated or have a negative test.

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I hope things get better now :frowning:

I think i got the pet shop boys last album with the big circle on it :slight_smile: it was pretty cool,

You should seriously consider an increase in your medication. Today it’s the Pet Shop Boys, tomorrow it could be Bon Jovi or Ricky Martin.


Thanks for the tip. I don’t know that record so well. Im listening to “Fundamental” right now. PSB is the only pop band with good lyrics.

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Yes i know i have a problem. I think i will talk it over with my psychiatrist, because i really don’t want to end up dressed in a Bon Jovi T-Shirt.


I just got the boxset of the new evanescence album and it is so friggin good, lyrics are amazing on that too.

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I saw the pet shop boys in concert 20 years ago ! They didn’t do an encore :frowning:


Yeah, I remember going to see New Order whilst on a section 12, great gig all the same!

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Twenty years ago i was a serious Pet Shop Boys fan. My hair was cut like Neil Tennants (left) I think they find an encore too vulgar.

@BigBlue - i have seen New Order warming up for Depeche Mode, we all went only to see New Order and left the concert when Depeche Mode began

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Yeah, Depeche Mode are great live saw them in the 90s along with PIL & JMC also the Beat once for free than in a park event.

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