Damage to body and brain

I need some things answered I can’t find much info on if someone could pls help. First, does psychosis damage your brain?- does catatonia damage your body? And the thing I really don’t understand is what type of disorder I have, sense I have pretty much everything in the spectrum except tactile and uhh the taste and smell(don’t remember what it’s called)

Yes unmedicated psychosis damage brain lot.basically excess dopamine poison the brain cells and make brain damage

How many times can it happen then? I mean it happens to me a lot and I’m medicated but ehh yeah I’m losing my memory

Do you know anything about the other questions?

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You have to get treatment as soon as possible.this process and sz itself destruct prefrontal cortex lot.but i m not the doctor.you have consult with your doctor if you want to most correct answers


Usually visual hallucinations the most dangerous ones.these type of hallucinations indicator that about destruction of brain

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Well that sucks. Thanks for the input man i go to the doctor like 5 times a month so I’ll ask

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Np.get well soon :pray:

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Wait visual hallucination damage you too? I would think the catatonic states would be worse. I honestly don’t mind the visuals

İ also have somatic hallucinations.but visuals are most dangerous ones.you have to get treatment asap because excess dopamine has really dangerous outcomes

Damn man… I see things every day. Crowded empty rooms. Children sitting next to me, and mostly my ex. I see her everywher

What’s somatic? Like waking up to hallucinations?

R.D.Laing had a theory that psychosis is a natural process, that is part of recovery from trauma. However, this is not a mainstream view, and the general consensus is that a mental breakdown reduces your ability to tolerate stress in the future.

I don’t see why short lived catatonia would damage your body. What gave you this idea?

As for your disorder, it’s not possible to diagnose a disorder from the type of hallucinations. The main disorders associated with hallucinations are SZ, SZA, BPA, some PD’s, and substance-abuse.


I contort sometimes for a full day untill someone finds me. It only happened that bad a few times but my father said he couldn’t believe my bones weren’t broken the way I twist. Thought that would be bad for muscle/bones

My doctors say affective but I don’t understand it, don’t we all have a mood problem?

In healthy people, mood goes up and down in response to events.

In affective disorders, events play a small part, but the mood tends to go up and down in a pattern, or cycle.

For cyclothymia, the mood goes up for a few days or weeks, and then down for a similar time. For BPA the mood swings can last for months.

Do you know what your mood pattern is like?


I haven’t heard of psychosis damaging the brain, but, if it does, hopefully the damage can be healed, to some extent. The brain is a very mysterious organ, about which so much is still unknown.

Read, exercise, eat and drink healthy, don’t do drugs or drink.

There seems to be some debate about whether psychosis damages the brain or not. It depends greatly upon who you ask. I have seen multiple articles that psychosis can cause neurotoxicity and damage the brain. On the other hand, I have had people tell me that this is old news and people no longer believe this to be true. I would err on the safe side though, and try to avoid psychosis altogether if possible.


I got you. Thanks. And I can’t avoid it completely I fear, stress and anger make me disassociate bad

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I had a brain scan after six months of going insane in a solitary confinement cell with no medication and was told everything was fine. I mainly got the appointment to check because of how many times I banged my head against the wall in there.