Brain damage from psychosis

who knows…

I say brain damage and then psychosis. I fell down twice as a child and hit my head pretty hard. I still have a scar from the first time. I must have been about six or seven, if that.

From what I’ve read on the subject the brain is already damaged when the disease begins and every relapse worsens things. The damage may be caused either by events before pregnancy, at adolescence or a combination of the two. By the time you technically have the illness it is probably too late for a cure. The best you can hope for is a false diagnosis, a mild case, or a drug that will last for the long term. Yes our brains are likely damaged but they are not gone and we can use what’s left to function the best we can probably with a combo of drugs and therapy along with having something to keep our minds occupied.


My Negative Symptoms are a sure fire sign that my brain is damaged!

I’m a ■■■■■■■ vegetable!

The sad part is that there is not much my psychiatrist can do for me.

I’d rather have some negative symptoms then do something strange! Like trying to burn the local police station down :wink:

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There may not be brain damage in everyone, my dads friend got off the medications and he’s had a number of relapses. He was on and off meds for over 20 years. It gives me hope that maybe I can get off too.

I think it’s a case of stay on them till something better comes along!

Waiting untill stem cells, specific protien inhibiters or tDCS and TMS come of age!