Dad died last night

my dad died last night. I suffered years of abuse from him. Why am I so angry that he is dead? I don’t miss him haven’t seen him in over two years.

Death of a parent always hurts in some way - I know that you were abused, but at some level it must also sting a bit.
I am sorry for your loss


It could hurt also, because now there is no chance for reconciliation. I cried at my grandfather’s funeral, even though he had sexually abused me. I was worried for him that he would spend eternity in hell, which I didn’t wish for him, despite the kind of person he was.

I am sorry for your loss, and hope that the healing process can begin, with you being able to come to terms with what he did to you.


Thank you. I appreciate the sentiment.

I am sorry for your loss. These deaths happen regularly, my mother’s second husband’s ex-wife died also recently. I have few people in my family who may leave any day or then still live for years. Every minute in our lives is important.

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treat yourself for shock so sorry this has happened sending massive hugxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am so sorry! I know you are going to have
some mixed feelings.
Sending prayers OO**

My father was an abusive alcoholic that my mother took us away from when I was around seven. I only saw him him once more when I was ten. He died a few years back. I must admit I had mixed feelings when he died.

My dad killed himself in December, 2001. He was an abusive bipolar man, but I still miss the good ole times of when I was 11 and younger (before my diagnosis of sz). We used to go fishing and play baseball together. His death really caused a rash of mixed feelings.

I’m sorry for the pain you went through growing up and sorry for your loss. You’re more than likely angry because you don’t feel you’ve resolved issues you’ve had due to the abuse and now that he’s gone you feel you’re never going to get closer on that. It hurts because he was your father, without him you wouldn’t be here. Even those dads that don’t stick around to help raise their kids (or hurtful dad’s like yours) they still were needed to help create you. It’s also sucks because it’s Christmas week…

I hope this has and will become part of your good memory of you and your Dad.

Saphire, I am, too, sorry for the loss of your father.

Please go on life. I hope you will not angry at him anymore.

Hey it just is a kind of crappy eventuality…we all die.