Cutting ties with parents

I decided to cut a lot of contact with my parents. Not necessarily go no contact but im not gonna answer the phone much at all. Ive posted earlier that im going through a lot of healing, and part of that was realizing i was holding onto my parents out of fear of loneliness. But theyre extremely toxic and have cause significant trauma for me and neglected me and emorionally abused me. And they continue to do this stuff ro this day, my parents have outright said they will never change or go to therapy.
But now i have to face my loneliness. I want to talknto my friends, but all i can think about is whats going on in my head, because its just the way i process things. But im so stuck in my.head i feel the need to also just be by myself. But im having a hard time doing that. Boredom and loneliness are unbearable to me. And i also feel extremely alone in this world, like im officially on my own with my.decision to cut my parents out.
Advice is welcome or if youve been theough something similar


I had to cut my mom out of my life last year because she was texting me too much and when I tried to set boundaries she got really upset so I blocked her. My life is better now. I still live with my dad and stepmom and stay in touch with my grandmas and one of my aunts my dad’s sister. I like the rest of my family but I don’t know how they feel about me or what they would think if I told them I have schizophrenia.


I tried to break contact with my family but i couldn’t.

I love my parents unconditionally and forgive them.

I’m uncomfortable around most if not all of my family but I may only see them a couple of times a year.

I even changed my name but later changed it back.
I regret changing my name back but now I can’t change it again.

It sucks when disrespect and bad behaviour continues in such a way you can’t confront them.
But i just avoid them.

When they behave badly I endure or try to excuse myself and leave.

I’m thinking i might see everyone Christmas even if it’s just five minutes of my time.
I can give them a chick pea salad and say g’day and then leave.

It’s complicated and difficult with my parents.

Im closer to other people.


I also have tried to break contact before. Last year. I can relate to a lot of your response. Its hard when you can see the good in them but the bad really affects you


I have had some unbearable moments with them and some uncomfortable times too.

It’s difficult and complicated I say.:slightly_smiling_face:

One should feel comfortable and loved by one’s family .

Good wishes to us.


Hoping this works out well for you.



[ nips @Moon on the ankle as well ]


Hey… that’s a brave decision. And it must hurt a lot. It is a mourning process.

I too am distancing from family. Although most of my family seems not nearly as bad as yours, and I too made mistakes, it was necessary. I’m growing stronger because of it, it creates room for my own healing, identity and self-worth. Can’t really talk now though, hurts too much still.

I wish you a lot of strength for dealing with this. It sounds like it is the most healing thing you can do. Even if this too is painful. You are chosing what is best for you.

Hugs and strength.