Cutting Calories May Slow Aging In Humans, Study Suggests

@labratmat might be interested in this


I remember learning about this in. University.

Calorie restriction in nematodes not only increased lifespan but also healthspan.

It led to my anorexia I became my own human experiment.

Need to be careful how one approaches calorie restrictions… Not to get carried away with it like I did.


I’ve cut down on my calories and I’m in great health now. Food is like everything in life, moderation is the key.

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Pardon me while I race towards death.

[ slurps masala chai latte ]


God, all the talk in this thread of food is making me hungry. Are you people trying to kill me?

Is it wrong that the McCrispy ad added to my hunger? I am really craving a crispy chicken now. lol.


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