Cup half empty

i have what to be happy about and enjoy only i am so afraid of everything that my cup is only half empty not half full. i ‘could’ do much more but there’s always this fear.


it’s just the way it is.

sorry if i bothered y’all. judy


the fear creates the feeling of the cup being half empty. in reality the cup is both half empty and half full. we get to choose the way we look at the world and the way you look at the cup is your choice.


Glad you mentioned your cup :slightly_smiling_face:
When I’m in despair, I always look at my glass and say, oh there is some left…
It means to me that I still have a time…
A time to just sit in my room, listen to the radio, take a walk at night etc…
Sometimes it seems the time is standing still, but we are going through changes each day…
Tortured souls know that time with ourselves is only thing that I need…
Write more…


Im always thirsty so the glass is always empty…or is it full of air …:exploding_head:

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