Is the glass half empty or half full?

Is it “I’m not a boy.” or is it “I’m a girl.”? The way I think about it is very important. I’m tired of thinking the negative - I’m not a boy. It’s positive to say I’m a girl and understand it. My negative pdoc once asked me how I explained my lack of a penis. I just stared at him.


Wut ? :astonished:

lol chordy your threads really confuse me a bit sometimes.


If the glass started out empty, it’s half filled.
If the glass started out full, it’s half empty.


Yeah, he was thinking I was suffering from the ignorance of a child and he couldn’t risk picking on me. I’m telling you, pdocs are not saints.


Good of you to explain it that way. I always heard it in reference to whether you were being positive or negative in your outlook. Love your definition, @Ooorgle :heartbeat:

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