Glass half full

hi, i just wanted to ask if you were a glass half full kind of person, :wine_glass:

i guess its the same as saying are you an optimist or a pessimist

i’d love it if my glass was full and overflowing and people could drink from it and taste the many different kinds of flavours and savour it, something to tantilize the palette lol.

but that is just a dream, i think i wonder more about where the contents come from lol. :wink:

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I am the kind of person who believes at least the glass has something in it lol :smile: doesn’t matter whether its half full or half empty.


I used to be a huge pessimist but then my sis moved in with me and she is an over the moon optimist.

You know that joke about the kid who is shoveling manure for days because there has to be a pony in there somewhere… That’s my kid sis.

Living with a steadfast optimist, has pulled me out of my always pessimist mind set. But I do sink to realism.



My wife of 22 years is an inveterate optimist. I was always a skeptical pessimist and proud of it. She has opened my mind by example and her experience to the fact that optimism can be a strength. Maybe the real lesson is that minds can be opened by experience and example, not by words.

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I’m optimistic but extremely rational…I don’t BS myself or pretend things are better than they are. I just think my behavior can’t be judged as optimistic or pessimistic, I just do things the way I see makes the most sense. I’m pragmatic, so in certain situations I call a glass half empty, and in others I call it half full. It depends on what I am judging…for example, I judge my academic performance and athletic performance as half empty when I do well but not outstandingly. I call the glass half full when it comes to my lot in life, what I can take for granted and what I am unfortunate to be born into. If I were to judge either one the opposite way, my behavior would change for the worst, so I reason before I make judgements.

I’d have to say - I keep my head down so I won’t get stepped on.

A pessimist.

The glass isn’t even halfway, and that isn’t wine in there, it’s some kind of toxic waste.

I’m a half-full type person. It doesn’t even make sense to see the glass as half-empty.

I’m not a pessimist but my glass is close to complete emptiness. My disorder takes away the better parts of my life.

When asked that question, I just say it’s half. That’s it. Half.

i have been a depressed person for many years, depression has a way of taking the color and its beauty out of the world. When I am feeling less down I am more optimistic, when i am feeling down or depressed I am a true pessimist.

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