CS:GO Schizophrenia and Zyprexa

I don’t know what i’m doing in CS:GO Competitive. People’s kick me from match because i’m so bad at this game. Do you think i play normally if i were be healthy and without medicines?


I have no idea if you play worse on medicines, but if you’re honestly considering quitting lifesaving medication just to win at a video game, you may want to seek treatment for video game addiction. Real life matters more than whether or not you play video games well.


Hi @Sandi1987Slo, welcome to the forum. It is possible the medication slightly effects how good you are at CS:GO. But I played competitive a couple years before my dx, and that’s one of the hardest/steepest learning curves there is in first person shooters. My advice to you is to stay on your med and keep trying at CS:GO. You will absolutely get better (though it takes a long time, meds or not). You certainly won’t get better at CS:GO just because you stop taking zyprexa. Keep at it! Best of luck in the competitive scene.

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