My situation is very bad

It was clear already since 4 years ago, when I suffered a psychotic break, that cognition would not get
me anywhere.
In recent years, my main asset in life was good physical fitness.
I exercised all day long and felt well.
Now, for some unclear reason I lost my physical fitness.
I am no longer able to exercise.

And now I have nothing to do all day.

I get changes all the time in what I’m doing too. You just gotta learn to adjust and go with the flow.

Sometimes I watch YouTube, sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I watch movies, sometimes I hike and hang out with friends.

I do get sick of these activities which is why I rotate other activities in.

What about chess or math?? I know you say your cognitive difficulties are hindering you but it’s worth a try right?? You don’t need to be Bobby Fischer you just gotta enjoy yourself !!

Good luck @Chess24

I don’t want to be Bobby Fischer, I want to be Pete Sampras.

I lost my physical ability to excercise too I don’t enjoy it n can’t do it properly anymore I am really not happy about that

@Chess24 Get on medication.

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@firemonkey getting on medication is almost suicide, I am very frail physically off medication.

Why do you think meds will make things worse? There are a plethora of drugs to try! Lol! I just mean meds pertaining to your disease!

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