Creative health and schizophrenia

If I had not forced myself to write through the delusions, through the admissions, depression…I would not have survived. Being able to communicate and write what I experience has been the sole most useful force of healing for this mental illness. I think more people should be encouraged to be their creative selves. It can do a world of good.


I enjoy art very much but I need to be in the right mind state to do it.

I feel like that won’t be in a while.


This is one of my writings that got 18 likes. Beautiful Shadows. I’m not a clown but my voice was… | by Gabrielle Bryant | Medium not sure why, it always surprises me what people like or dont like…I am thinking about a paranormal romance thriller. But that will be hard…

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I kept a journal and wrote daily above my experience when I was at my worst. It definitely helped. I’m not sure if I would be interesting or frightening to read it now

Now I just focus on creating songs and music

Glad you made it through the worst of it :blush:

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I actually just love articulating stories. I have paintings in my head but I dont have the talent/skill to paint them on canvas. Words/typing is the easiest way/and what I have used…

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