Schizophrenia has increased my creativeness

When I started hearing voices in 1998, I started painting and writing things, so schizophrenia increased my creativeness, here are some samples of my 2005 paintings.


Very cool! I love the colors. How did you get the pics to show up in motion in your post?



i write things too and because of body pain and mental anguish i got through i think i have more insight about life and am more tolerant with people.

I went on a crazed drawing spree and drew a bunch of stuff right when I became schizophrenic. I made a post of some of my drawings in the creativity section titled “My descent in art form”, and I also drew a bunch of anatomically correct drawings of myself but they arent posted. I might post them later, they’re on the creepy side. I took drawing in high school for a couple years so I can still draw something on demand, but it takes longer to shade or color.

You can use Picasion to do this …

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wow what kind of paints do you use? is it oil paint?

my voices have given me some wonderful ideas for fiction stories…thing is having the discipline to follow it through to the end.

I have used water colors and oil paint …

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I love to hear about talent.

Ever since I first started experiencing strange things around 2000 I have attempted to draw them out or write about them. I used to have obsessive notes and stories scribbled out on papers and restaurant napkins concerning my delusions of the day but i threw most of them out. I have kept most of the drawings I’ve made, however i have given many paintings away. As time has progressed, I have become increasingly more surreal or abstract with my artwork. these are some recent drawings on a 5 second delay.
I have some new ones that i haven’t photogrpahed yet.

My therapist was at first concerned that drawing my hallucinatory experiences might draw me into them more, but she understood when i explained that giving them physical existence makes it easier for me to deal with them because drawings are less scary than phantoms or pure emotions, and the act of transmuting them this way makes me feel a lot better, as well as recognize them easier for what they are instead of thinking of them as reality. most of these are only partially based upon hallucinatory content, but the sloppy ones are mostly attempt to capture the exact visions in third person form. Even if they did exacerbate symptoms, i’m not sure I could give up drawing them unless i’m being oppressed with avolition and anhedonia. sometimes it’s the only way i feel connected to my self.


Also I wanted to say that I like your artwork very much, the colors in your landscapes are awesome, and I like the perspective as well. I like the Stalin, and is that a self portrait or somebody i don’t recognize on the other one?

It is Chopin, a pianist, I am somehow positively surprised that people have liked my artworks, because I have never really studied any painting, I have also created a lot of written materials such as my book, ‘The Book for Generations’, …

hey mjseu, nice work ! Especially the landscape paintings…makes me want to get out my paints !

some of my favorite artists of different types have been self taught without much if any formal training. I am mostly self taught aside from school art classes and a little bit of formal drawing education. It can be very intimidating to attempt to pick up an art form without training, it takes a certain measure of bravery and determination I think. I hope you continue your work well into the future!

chopin! I like his music but had never seen a picture before.

I’ve always been describe as talented at art but I was very rigid in what I drew when I was younger, I couldn’t create anything out of my head I had to copy, I was very good at the copying but that was all I could do until I became psychotic where I cAn now do images out of my head, abstract landscapes and surreal art my mind gets filled with images I have toget out. I like your work by the way, keep painting!

You defiantly talented. Looks good enough to sell if you wanted to.

I agree with this. A lot of coffee shops will host local artist’ work on a monthly basis and take a small percentage of anything that sells.

Here where I am the world is different. I could put my artwork for sale at the flea market, the owner of the flea market takes 20 %. Sometimes I have purchased paintings of other people, recently I paid only two euros for one framed painting, basically nothing. I think that I am just holding my paintings, but I like to write which is why I have published some pages of my book. the Book for Generations.