Crazyest visual delusion you ever had

What is the craziest visual hallucination you ever had?

Definitely the floating hand and arm that I saw floating away from me over the heads of other students in my high school’s main hallway.

Probably a gigantic clown peeking out from behind a stop sign. That was a really weird one.

I saw Shadow people creeping along the walls of the hospital room when I was restrained. I couldn’t move and was terrified. That’s also the ONLY visual hallucination I ever had.

I saw knives and daggers stabbing me and then a tank driving over me.

Wow you ok 1515

When psychotic I see a blue and a black orb (sphere). The blue orb has white eyes and says positive things about me and the black orb has red eyes and tells me to do negative things. (Mostly hurt myself). Usually I see the blue thing during the day and the black thing at night. (This my be sundowning as my therapist suggested). But this is only when I’ve been off my medicine for several months. I started seeing and hearing these when I was eight.

Monsters with tentacles and sharp teeth…

Alien life-form spreading out their ‘intelligent’ tentacles into the room.

An old woman talking to me. She was holding something in her hand.

Probably a trench coated, fedora wearing, shadow man, with a pistol pointed straight at me, point blank, while I was laying in bed one night. That was really scary.

The world fading away around the edges, dimensional barriers started to shift and bend, I was in another world, far away from “this”
I was infinite, could view through space and time


That sounds like a very interestin hallucination. Bring able to see through time and space

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ive hallucinated full on people that would just seem to manifest itself and ive had people morphing into other people. it was very very scary and confusing

A teddy bear running through the halls of a hospital.

2 women standing on the side of the road directly across from a cemetery.
They were wearing strange clothes and posing in strange way.

They might have been spirits.
So creepy!

When I used to go to church people would stand to sing and I’d see these white spirits fly into people’s mouths like they were being possessed. And when we’d bow our heads to pray a voice would yell at me to cover my ears.

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