Crash site


my mental state took a tumble the last few days, my immune system followed, i am really sick at the moment…only second time in ten years !!
the cbt is triggering everything inside me , when one domino fell they all started too.
i am shaving my head on thursday, i will have to look at my scars ( which i did to myself )…but this is a good thing…no hiding.
my clinical psychologist said for me to shave my head gradually as not to trigger me as much…seeing the scars…i have alot of them.
i am writing this from the surface of mars.
take care


I hope you bounce back darksith. But isn’t it good news that it is only the second time in ten years? So you can recover from this and look forward to another ten years. Take care of yourself and take it easy.


Sorry to hear you are going thru a rough time!I know you are strong and I hope things will ease up soon.Hang in there!


Dear Darksith,

Shaving your head? That is a lot of commitment to this process. I do hope you go slowly, and be kind to yourself.

The small bit I get to see here on the forum, I think you are very amazing and have become a force for good. Your humor, your zen, your kind nature; I find you to be very inspiring.

Your ability to speak with kindness and calm when others on a thread are getting worked up is so impressive to me.

I hope you take it easy and feel better.


Did they throw you out of the underground complex?

Or are you hanging around here?


I hope you feel better soon @darksith - Stay well and take things slow and easy


I hope you feel better soon, you are a very positive person!


I hope this passes quickly for you.

Aside from that, frankly I don’t get it … why not hide our imperfections if we can. Is that too hyper-civilized a thing to do? I hide my skinny legs by avoiding shorts when I can. So therefore what? Maybe I don’t understand CBT though.


I hope this finds you find yourself back home soon, and safely too.


and to anyone who put a heart/like.
thanks guys for your kind support, it means a lot.
take care


get well soon mr sith :slight_smile:

sorry you are going through this


I had noticed that you were taking a break… I was hoping it was to scout properties in Scotland.

Sorry to hear you are struggling. I do hope you feel better soon.

I too am impressed that your going to shave your head. That is a lot of courage to do that and look back on the past those scars represent.

Take it easy on yourself… just remember… you have come a long way.


my heart goes out to you sith. you are an amazing soul on this board and i admire your courage to look at those scars on a regular basis. good luck with the cbt and i do hope that you feel better soon. much love. jayne xxx


Hmmm…you may be on to something there…

Cachaileith na Sith (the Faerie Door) Argyle, Scotland

One could possibly teleport to Mars from there if the Fae were willing to assist?


im sending this from pluto hope you get better soonxxxx


Dear Sith~
i guess we all have to go through layers of our past-good or bad. We are also allowed to go at our own pace.
You said something to me once that helped me break the last chain in a painful link. I wish I could do that for you.
I`m so glad you are doing this for yourself.
Please take care…much love


Technically the alien base is on Charon… :slight_smile:


Dark Sith, I’m sorry you have been going through a rough patch. I get a kick out of your quirky sense of humor and hope you are feeling up to snuff really soon!



thank you for your kind words of support, it means so much to me.
take care