Country people different from city people

What do you think? …

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day and night…I live hafe way myself

Being from the city originally, but, living in the country the majority of my life, I agree whole heartedly.

I grew up near San Francisco in the East Bay, some there were very snobby and when I moved to St Louis (the county not in the city) I noticed a huge difference. people are slower and kinder here.

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Country folk are all up in each other’s business. In the city there are too many people too care. Always opportunities to start over in the city. Reputation will lock you into your past in small towns.

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The country people of Oklahoma seem to think their property line extends across the street in front of their house. They often let their mean dogs run loose to terrorize anyone who walks past. I guess I’ve encountered the same thing in the city - people using mean dogs to stake out territory that doesn’t belong to them - but not as much.

I hate that ■■■■. Lived in the country a few years ago. One of the neighbors let there dogs out in the road all the time. They’d just harass the ■■■■ out of every passing car. Dogs are ■■■■■■■ stupid.

I agree. frickin neighbors…

Where I live in the country, everyone minds there own damn business unless you need help then they will give you the clothes off their back. “We’re happy to share with you such as we’ve got, the leaks in the roof and the soup in the pot.”

It’s more the small town community I was talking about which overlaps with the country folk.

Aside from the dogs I did have a pretty good experience living in the country.

However that was also where my first psychosis set in.

Well, if you live in the small town, you aren’t really living in the country are you? We live 10 miles outside of town.

That’s true I’m glad you live in a good place.

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Have always lived in Seattle… haven’t met too many people who live in the country. The few who do live in the smaller rural towns are usually people from Seattle who can’t afford it…

Good ones in the city.

Bad ones in the country.

Bad ones in the city.

Good ones in the country.

I’ve been everywhere almost and i’ve noticed something, it’s all the same, everyone and everywhere is exactly the same in principle. Yeah they eat different stuff over there but it’s all the same.

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