Couldn't access this forum yesterday-anyone else have that problem?

I kept running into a page that said this forum was expired…


Yeah, the forum was down. The domain expired. It’s all good now

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yeah i felt the same…
but now its running…

Thx for telling me. It triggered my paranoia and I actually spent a lot of time trying to convince myself that it wasn’t personal and I wasn’t being silently kicked off the site.

I understand… Happened to me the first time the site was down since I joined, thought it was me… Turns out it wasn’t us, so no worries :smile:

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I hope they will have prior renewal notice or at least auto-renewal with the web hosting provider.

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i think they didn’t pay for renewal of this website…

I’m just really glad it’s back, this place is very helpful in many ways.

Yep i had the same thought I was blocked lol

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