What happened to the site , i thought i was banned :)

The site was down for 5 / 6 hours

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More 10 / 11 hours.

Been down all day for me 13 hours all up by the looks of it. I would say it was down for maintenance.

Haha god forbid! Jk. But yeah I thought the site somehow knew I was up to some mischevieous endevaours and was banned too :wink:

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Yeah I noticed that. On EU time it has been offline from at least six hours ago until now.

Lol I thought the same thing, then I thought maybe I was having a delusion and had a major panic. Then I just thought it through and calmed myself down :smile:

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With my paranoid …stuff…

I thought I was privately locked out.

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Yes - sorry Everyone. I wasn’t sure what the issue was and just found out the site was down early this morning.

It should be fine now.


Dog finally cracked the code! MWUAHAHA!! (joke)


we didn’t start the fire but we keep it burning. .yes?

Me , no I usually ‘start’ if I need to.

But very rarely in fairness , I try to keep within the rules and am usually successful at that.

This Is the life that we live.

Good to here from you.

That was a long night indeed :smile:
I just thought to make a poll about what everyone was doing when the site was down.

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I thought I was banned too!

By lunch time for me thought SzAdmin had just had enough of all of us and thrown in the towel.

Never know if I’m a glass half empty kind of guy or not. As usually just grateful I have something to drink.


When you are banned you get the message that you are banned. Ask a professional here


It was awesome. I got a bunch of writing done as I had fewer distractions. Can we make this a regular thing?




I got paranoid that I was banned too, although I didn’t do anything wrong, so then I figured logic prevails(!) and assumed the site was having an issue.

I sure missed y’all :slight_smile:


This one time, at, Dog was banned but no one told him :cry:


Yeah that was not a fun night.