Could we suffer from kidney,liver diseases?

I live a very healthy life,exercise a lot,eat quite healthy but the only thing is that I take the psychiatric medicine I needed

I wonder if it would cause liver/kidney problem,it’s a worry for me

My last reg dr visit back in Apr to a dr I had never seen before, read my history and made what I thought was an odd remark. She said the next visit I need to do labs to check my kidney function.
Was she referring to my many years on antipsychotic meds?

Things like that should be done by a doctor on a regular basis. They check it more often with my son but even my doctor checks these things for my yearly physical.


Hmm…in my 16 years of being a patient in psychiatry, I can only recall getting my “labs checked” twice, and that was at my request because I thought my thyroid was low (I was right-the dr’s never considered it)
Except for three years with one dr I liked until he left, I never had, or saw the same dr twice in my life.
Before I lost my ins. in Feb, I had been assigned the “same” dr for the last 5(?) years, but I couldn’t tell you what she looked like, because I had never been in to see her.

@csummers did solving your thyriod problem help you in anyway?

I’m not as cold as I had been, but still crave ice water. Far as “fixing” my psych issues, a failure from what my pdoc had hoped would have been the holy grail of meds, he was sure that my thyroid was the reason and closed my case before I had even started the medicine!
Hard to say because I’m not on any meds except the thyroid one because of insurance issues-(I have none) but if there was to be any improvement, I would have thought I would have seen it by now. It’s been since 2008.