Could this be the reason for my sz?

When I used to go trick or treating they would leave out bowls with signs “take 2”…I would take the whole bowl…could this be the karmic reason for my sz? Serious question.

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I wouldn’t think so. Most of us have done things in the past that we’re ashamed of in the present. That doesn’t mean we deserve to be cursed with schizophrenia.


You’re assuming the whole karma thing is real, I don’t believe in it myself. Also maybe we’re used to the idea that doing something bad requires punishment not forgiveness.

So to answer your question, ‘no’.


Bad Karma is a guilt thing.
Release yourself from it and alter your behavior


Oh no, you are not punished for your past actions.

I personally dont believe in this type of Karma.


Are you asking is this a symptom or is this the reason for your SZ itself?

hahaha, it’s okay. we’ve all been crazy at some points. so what you took all the candy, at least were you wearing a costume? it’s halloween!!! were you wearing a costume? :yum:

Once my cousin did that. we were at our aunt’s house and she took all the candy from the table secretly and filled her pockets. I think most kids do that. :blush: I did take some also, she was caught, but they never suspected of me, I was so innocent :innocent: :smiling_imp:

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greed, greedy kid, too much candy = sore tummy lol

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When I said it was a serious question, :smiley: it means I was kind of joking :laughing:

You seem to be in a good mood tonight waterway

I’m vibing off your vibes :wink:

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yeah I do my best. <3 cheers :smiley:

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take care :alien:

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